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40 Years and Counting

Hello All, I am new to this group and am so sorry to hear everyone’s experiences with a SZ family member. I have a younger brother that was diagnosed about 40 years ago. None of us understood or even heard of SZ. It was extremely hard on our parents, who had immigrated from Europe 30years earlier. My brother was violent at first. was also hospitalized several times as well as spending time in a clinic. Once finding a good psychiatrist and a medication it all settled. It was, however, very hard to see him in a semi-zombie like state.

Over the years he has become fairly independent. He had worked steady, although part-time, for over 30years. Was also under a doctors care all these years. Having bouts with SZ always. Needing Caregiver assistance for specific decisions and with complex issues dealing with attorneys, social security etc…

I have been married, divorced and married again. Raised 3 children, maintained a home, worked. Was care giver to our Mother. Yet I always felt guilty for seeming like not doing enough for him. However, now
I am retired and even though I want to enjoy retirement with my wife, feel that I should do more in helping him to be more independent than he already is. To make sure that he is getting the most modern ways for treating and living with SZ.

He has now been living with an older brother of ours that never married, has no children and partially disabled himself. They live in our parents home.

Are there programs that would assist with my younger brother ans SZ for housing? and other assistance. He is still working but makes about $25,000 a yr. Dosen’t have a lot in savings. I am very worried about his future. Were to live and affordability.


Hi Jim:
Thank you for sharing about your brother.
My 24 son has SZ. It’s one day at a time.

I believe most states have rental assistance such as a housing voucher - Section 8 HUD. Each city should have a local office. Also, USDA has apartments throughout the US. These two programs will charge you rent based on your household gross income.

Also, USDA will help with a down payment on a home purchase. Most banks can give you their contact person. Additionally, there is Habitat for Humanity. Hope this helps!
Wishing you the best !
Kind regards, Deb

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