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Guardianship- please help!

Hello everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

My brother has had schizoaffective disorder for 10 years now. He is so far gone, and I know this sounds harsh, but he will never get better unless someone intervenes. That’s how bad his/our situation has become. He is so against meds, but at this point that’s what he needs that will save him and help him live a normal life.

The only thing at this point that will help save my brother is if I get guardianship over him. That way I could get him into a program and get him the medication he needs. Has anyone done this? Any success? What are the steps? Thank you so much.

During one of our group support meetings at the state hospital, a plenary guardianship was discussed. I’m sure this is a legal process but you might check with the mental health department in your county to see if they have directives. There is usually an annual report that you’d have to file since this would have you assume responsibilities for both your brother and his possessions, income and expenses. If the mental health department can’t help, try to find a Legal Aide group in your area (I’d check their reputations) that often helps pro bono or on a reduced fee scale. Best of luck! :palm_tree:

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We are in the process of getting guardianship for our 29 yo son. We live in Delaware and have a lawyer. After we get it I’m not sure what we do then. I want him to get the once a month injections. He refuses all meds. My goal is to get him into a residential housing. NAMI has some , a year wait.

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