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5 Things To Avoid Asking Someone With Schizophrenia


I often want to talk to people of color about racism, and to talk to disabled people about accessibility issues and discrimination. I also find that I have questions for those people who identify as LGBT. I frequently don’t know how to start these conversations though, and I am afraid that I will say the wrong thing. I assume that there are people who would like to ask questions of those of us with schizophrenia too, but may not know the “right” things to say, or may be afraid of asking something that is insulting.

Anyone that is genuinely interested in learning about schizophrenia probably isn’t going to say anything that is insulting, but here is a list of the top five questions to avoid asking someone who has schizophrenia.


5 makes me really mad


Wait… have you been on here before? There was another BarbieBF wasn’t there? She had a sz son I think. Same person or am I wrong?


Yes that’s me :smile:


These are really great.


So glad to see you back! I’ve been handing out your care package while you’ve been gone (The links to LEAP and the other stuff to help family members). I hope that’s ok.

None of that stuff really bothers me. Those things sound like something that would be annoying but I wouldn’t make a list like that. I think those are annoying though, so I’m biased.


i thought of a few others ;

  1. is that red car following us ? :red_car:
  2. did you know all phones have tracking devices :iphone:
  3. did you just see that spaceship as well
  4. do you think you are god ?
  5. is the alien with you ?
  6. don’t press the red button :red_circle:
  7. who are you talking to ?
  8. do you think it is time to have a shower !! :shower:
  9. do you think the ’ b 'in all lifts stands for beelzebub :rage: and goes down to hell :fire: ?
  10. do you see dead people ? :ghost:
  11. do you have a gun licence ?

take care :alien:


Whenever I say something my roommate isn’t expecting, she’ll say, “are you word salading?” I can’t tell how serious she’s being. The answer is always “no”.

  1. Are you alright?
  2. When did you graduate?
  3. Are you still going to college?
  4. Where do you work?
  5. How did you pay for that car?
  6. Where do you live?
  7. How do you spell your name?
  8. Are you in on it?
  9. What’s your social security number?


You’re right as hell.


I actually like when my friends ask me if I’ve forgotten my meds. They’re pretty well informed on schizophrenia, so when they ask me it’s an honest question, not a dismissal of my feelings and behavior. They’re usually right and I thank them for reminding me. When I skip a dose, I lose reality pretty quickly and don’t think to check my pills before going wiggy.


It’s your responsibility to take your dosage. If your friend is doing it, depending on the time, it could be an assault towards your credibility or you. Either way, he doesn’t trust you to be responsible enough to care for yourself. That’s how I take it. Sometimes, I have a good remark about something and then it’s casted away with, “Have you taken your meds?” That’s absurd.