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What is the difference


What is the difference in talking to a person who has schizophrenia and who doesn’t. Can I say anything I feel without thinking of my words, be natural.


I would avoid conotations about madness, that’s just bad taste. Other than that I think there’s not much of a difference


Could you please rephrase the question?

Do you mean what is the most effective way to talk to someone with sz without any major misunderstandings? Do you mean what subjects should you avoid? Or, how do you talk to them without them feeling like you are judging them?


My psychotherapist says that a person with chronic or early SZ has a hard time focusing on a conversation and will be visibly withdrawn from it. I agree as that is how I was; I was also dual-interpreting what people were saying to mean something else. It was a very complex thing, communicating to me when I was early into SZ.


If your family member is prone to delusions, I would steer away from conversations about conspiracy theories. I always end up believing them. Other than that, just treat us with the same respect you would use with anyone else. Anything that is interesting to talk about is fine. Sports, life events, family members, whatever you want to talk about.

If you want to talk about the disease itself, never say anything negative about medicine, or imply that willpower is all he needs to get through this. Make sure he knows he is still loved and useful. Ask any questions you want about what it’s like for him. Most of us like when others try to understand what we’re going through.

Don’t get judgmental over how he is coping. This is such a broad spectrum of diseases, and everyone copes at a different level. Some of us work and go to school. Some of us barely get up to eat during the day. I have no idea where your family member falls on the spectrum, but he is probably doing the best he can with what he has.


I work with people and I talk about all kind of stuff without thinking, make jokes, swear, like weird pictures. And for some reason I am excited about his schizophrenia, like I know how to get rid of it, pushing in to healthy life style.
And I am thinking if it’s okay.


You do NOT know how to get rid of schizophrenia. It is incurable. A healthy lifestyle and the right medicines can help, but it depends on how responsive he is to medication.

Schizophrenia has negative symptoms, which cause a lack of motivation, excessive fatigue, and dulled emotions. The meds can also make us exhausted. If he can manage his symptoms on a low dose of medication, and his side effects aren’t too bad, he will be able to manage a healthy lifestyle. If he doesn’t experience negative symptoms, he will be able to manage a healthy lifestyle.

Otherwise, no amount of eating right and pushing him to exercise is going to help. In fact, pushing us too hard tends to make our symptoms even worse.


I talk to him like everyone else, but of course he is special and I don’t want to say something that will make him sad, or have negative impact.


Then don’t look at him like he’s a project for you that needs fixing. He’s a person just like everyone else. Just don’t be a dick. Pretty simple.


I would just directly say that you want to get married. I think he would be interested in knowing your endgame.

I hope this helps. :wink:


Some things can be triggering. For example, if a person is paranoid, don’t bring up cia/nsa/fbi and surveillance.


Just be kind.

Do you like this person romantically like metime suggested or are you just a curious friend?

Don’t take curious the wrong way. I’m so curious about everything, if I was a cat I would be dead right now x.x

There are two different ways to approach it though.


It would depend on whether or not they were psychotic. If he is stable on med’s it should be no different from talking to anyone else.