5 Things to Remember This Holiday Season - Recovery Warriors (Eating Disorder)

The holiday season can bring mixed feelings for many, but it can be a particularly challenging time of year when you are recovering from an eating disorder. Food-centric activities, difficult family dynamics and not to mention the ā€“ sometimes ā€“ insensitive comments made by loved ones can bring heightened stress and trigger eating disorder behaviors.

When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious around this time of year, try to remember what the holidays are really all about. Here are five things to help you realize that this season is above all a time of joy, family, gratitude and love.

Thank you for posting this. The holidays can be a very triggering time.

I bookmarked this one and will keep it in mind when dealing with the careless chatter of some family.

Iā€™m glad to see you around again. You always bring great resources.

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