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A good documentary about sz

I saw a good documentary the other day called God Knows Where I am. It’s about a woman with sz who is discharged from a mental hospital, without notifying her family or ensuring she had a place to live.

So she’s homeless in the New Hampshire autumn. Only has the clothes on her back. Psychotic and delusional. She wanders into this abandoned farmhouse and subsists on apples from an old orchard and spring water through a snowy winter.

The movie reads from her diary. I won’t tell you how it ends.

I caught it on Netflix. Has anyone else seen this?


Yes! I had to fast-forward through parts of it. I just don’t understand the actions of the state hospital! It was a fascinating documentary.

I did see it, really glad I did it brings home how strong their delusions can be.

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Yes. It’s such a tragic story, with a completely avoidable outcome. Criminal, really.

I can totally see it happening to my own son.


Me too delusions are so strongly imbedded.:disappointed:

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