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Outrageous! Joan Bishop recounts the tragic death of her psychotic sister in powerful documentary, raising troubling questions about our system

Movie Web Site here:

“God Knows Where I Am” Documentary Video Trailer Below:


Just saw this recently after it showed up with the old threads on my screen. Reading Pete Earley’s writeup brings home how dangerous the delusions can be to our family members.


This woman’s story is tragic. Worse still, the tragedy would have been easily prevented. Heartbreaking.


This is heartbreaking …soooo sad!! There has to be something that can be done to save their lives. I just don’t know yet. Something has to be done!!! That poor girl thought she’d be rescued. (she wasn’t) . The fact that they let her out and didn’t KNOW where she was going is terrifying. Her death could have been avoided. Sooo sad and heartbreaking story. (but real) People need to know stories like this.

All the rainbows and butterflies sound nice. But people need to know the facts and the truth of illness. (Without intervention they die) and its more criminal to release a psychotic person when they lie. (and they will) They know the system after 20 years . They know how to play the games and toy with doctors and nurses after a few years in the system. Its the old Tell them what they want to hear . Never tell the truth

Where was her “Legal Guardian” after her release from the hospital? I thought you needed some legal help to vouch for their life? I’m talking Case Managers and Rent Payees and Supportive Living, Transitional Housing, Intensive Case Managers… Peer Supports.

SOMEONE has to be involved. (i thought) maybe i’m wrong.

WOW. I am just shocked she was able to WALK away…and vanish. (and died)

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There should have been someone monitoring her progress even if she was deemed to be ok for discharge. Follow up should be an automatic given.


I would think, Someone in that position of being released. Would be placed in a "holding pattern " of sorts. Not quite “trusted” in the beginning of a complete discharge. For Heaven Sake, they are in a STATE hospital.

Aren’t there conditions placed on a discharge? I would think they would be “released” into the care of a “guardian” to pick them up and drive them to a home. (not trusting them completely)

No one likes or enjoys being locked up in a locked ward. Not easy. BUT…i would think they would do a “trust” type of a check point. To MAKE sure…they aren’t …“psychotic” and LYING to them. (about a home) …i truly find this be almost criminal on the part of the HOSPITAL.

Someone needs to be held accountable