A Horrific Crime on the Subway Led to Kendra’s Law. Years Later, Has It Helped?


Perhaps of interest to those trying to get their family member treatment:


The 4 states that do not have some form of AOT laws on the books are Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts and Tennessee.


Yes. We’re in MA. When people on this forum talked about AOT, I had no idea what they were talking about. I’d never heard of it.

I’m waiting patiently for AOT laws in our state, for peace of mind, just in case.


Here in Texas they have been used for situations where a person has had several hospitalizations within a period of time. I don’t remember the number because mine is yet to be hospitalized- no one in the support group had a family member that qualified. Aimed mainly at the “frequent fliers” or “revolving door” sufferers.


Well we have 5 hospitalizations on the books, so if/when the time comes, maybe we can hope for some support.

We’re as stable as we can be, but we have decades to come. It’s a long road.


The sticking point at support group was the time period- several of them had family members with multiple hospitalizations, the hospitalizations just weren’t close enough together.


Our son was eligible for this-hospitalized in December and April. I think it was two hospitalizations in six months in TX.