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Heartbreaking Local Tragedy

Hey all. We had a double murder of a husband and a wife in the early hours of Monday morning. Turns out their Schizophrenic son shot them both numerous times. He said they were sending him messsagesx telepathically and they had an argument about demon worshipping. Here’s a link to the story.
Heartbreaking. Another article said his mother devoted her life full time to his illness.

The thing I found disturbing, and I am not judging the parents at all, is they let him walk around their house (according to the 17 yr old younger brother) with a handgun pretty much all the time. I understand the unpredictability of my son (he has been violent in the past). All guns are locked in a combination gun safe. I do have pepper spray in my purse so if God forbid, he gets violent again, I have a measure of defense w/o resorting to a gun or knife. My brother also suggested reinforcing door jambs with much longer screws so if we are locked in a room for safety, kicking in the door isn’t going to be an easy feat. I know these things aren’t easy to think about regarding loved ones but it is necessary and logical in some cases.


Once you start looking for it in the news, you realize it happens way too often.

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