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A little better but still delusional


Hi everyone

I have written about my brother in the past
His medications have now changed to
10mg Zyprexa
100mg Serequel XR
50mg Serequel IR

20mg Zyprexa
150mg Effexor
Overall he is ‘better’ not as angry BUT still waiting for this ‘cure’ and thinking he has kids
Why are the delusions still there I honestly thought at this dose the delusions would have gone :sob:


I know my son get better one time on 20Mg Zyprexa AM and 20mg PM
and also 500Mg of Lithium Carbonate
but he did not want to continue taking them
in another year, he was put on Invega-sustena Injection and had 234mg of Invega and get better but still did not want to continue
then he was in and out of hospital several times in California.
he is now on 117mg Invega but we just increased his dose to 156Mg last week because he is delusional.
Hoping that 156mg Invega will be help him
otherwise, I will advocate for 234mg of Invega
he is in Rehab facility. he is very non-complaint on oral meds

I know Zyprexa can cause diabetes.
Consult with doctor again and look into Paliperidone oral pills ( Paliperidone is the oral pill and Invega-sustena is the monthly injection)


I don’t know entirely why it is, but I remember the psychiatrist and others also telling me that the delusions are the hardest thing to beat, and sometimes cannot be eliminated.


I know a friend of mine that her son has been on Clozapine for long time and he is attending University part-time. he is 45 years of age but still some settings would trigger him to be little delusional

I guess delusions cannot be eliminated entirely but possibly reduced may be with Age!!


Only one of the four times my daughter was hospitalized, did the delusions ease up (mostly they are about her step-father being abusive). I can’t say if they would have gone away, as she stopped taking the meds.


she stopped taking meds!! how long ago?
how she is doing? is she somehow functional? how does she communicate with the family?


As long as someone is functional, little delusional would not be that bad!!
we all have delusional but since we are sane, we can control it!!


She has not been medicated since January 2018. She and I have worked out a routine that seems pretty stable. She now smiles and says, “I love you” to me although she still thinks my husband (her step-father) is mind controlling me. She hates him, he is her main delusion. She won’t speak to him and avoids him at all costs almost. We built a separate door into her bedroom so she can escape out the back when he is in the front, and she escapes out the front when he is in the back. But usually she is in her room 90% of her waking time, talking to her “people”. She goes out daily on walks but occasionally the police call me to come get her (they know us well by now) as she will be screaming at a building downtown. She doesn’t work and doesn’t seem to even think she should work. I stopped bugging her about almost everything that she doesn’t want to do. But she eats, showers, goes out alone, goes out with me, and seems happy enough now.


@Gth Nothing has helped my daughter’s delusions (3 different sets of meds, “natural” remedies, LEAP). They did change other symptoms, but not the delusions.


Have you tried Clozapine/Clozarine. I have heard it reduces delusions more than any other medicine.
my brother has been taking it 17+ years and he has been doing a lot better.
looks into posts that addresses this medicine in this website. It may be the answer for you…


it is good that she does the basic things and that she is happy. How old is she?


Hello @CAAR2016 thank you for your responses and your care.

Yes, it is good that she does the basic things she does, it is a hangover from her “real” earlier life: she was a very hygienic house cleaner and nanny for years. Things have improved this year, she wasn’t happy at all until recently. Listening at her door, it seems that her voices are less angry, and thus so is she. She is 34, illness noticeably started at 31, but probably existed long before. For years, she solo cleaned an office building at night, sleeping alone days, not socializing. I think now she was probably delusional (paranoid of others) and hallucinating (talking to her special beings) for years at night alone in that building before she was fired. She was changed from night shift to day shift and I guess that is when the building staff started reporting her “hearing voices”. Then she was fired. If she’d just stayed on her isolated night schedule, she’d possibly still be working, I don’t know.

She will not agree to see any doctors or to take any medications. That is why she comes off meds each time she was released from the hospital.


Thank you all for the replies,
My brother has been on 30mg of Zyprexa for 3 weeks… we are hoping and praying that it will show it’s full effect in another few weeks. I don’t know if it needs that long to work or not though.
He works, trains at the gym, presents well, his personal hygiene is great BUT he believes he has kids and a wife and is being tested by us (my family) he thinks we are testing him for money and that we have a cure for him but we aren’t giving it to him. He sets dates every week and that set date is the day we are supposed to give him his whole life back including his family. We can’t tell him he doesn’t have kids because he becomes very aggressive. If it was a slight delusion it would be ok I guess but something like this makes life so hard. I’m just stuck I don’t know what to do. If we were to change medications does he have to wean off the Zyprexa and serequel or can he start another med while taking them. This is all so new to me and I appreciate all of your responses. Thanks again :pray:


I hope your brother continues to do well on teh Zyprexa, it was one medicine that helped my daughter, until she came off of it. Does your brother allow you to speak to his medical team? That is the best way to have input on his medication.

Challenging any delusion is not likely to give any result. LEAP from “I’m not Sick, I don’t Need Help” is a great method for making progress one step at a time. I highly recommend reading and re-reading that book, and applying the step to one problem at a time. I used it to get my daughter eating some food, then one meal a day, then two. Other improvements too.

Keep coming here and asking questions or just lurk and read. This is a very caring, knowledgeable community.


@oldladyblue, how I pray and wish my son could just “manage” and just do the basic things without the help from AP meds. Even if he slips alittle here and there over long term, and has delusions once in awhile, as long as these delusions are harmless for the most part, how I wish he could be free of these meds.

Happy for you & your daughter that she seems to be doing ok, not perfect, but ok. I would gladly take very low functioning without meds over high functioning with meds. But unfortunately, I think most need meds, even if it’s just to be low functioning or to function at all :persevere::weary:


I agree - as long as my son can live a life he feels is fulfilling, the fact that he has delusions is not really all that important.


I have been wanted to get the book. I will get it soon

Actually my brother is too far away from me. he is living with my dad and my sister. he is stable not doing much other than hanging around the house and socializing a little with few people in the town.

My focus is now on my Son who is also MI and very non-complaint on medicine. My son is currently in locked and he is getting a monthly injection of Invega-sustena. we just increase his does to 156mg. he is still delusional and calls me often to get him out. he has a Conservator like a public guardian in California.
I tell you it is so hard to communicate with the Nurse or doctor in that Facility and also hard to communicate with my sons’ Conservator
I had to make a special trip to California to see my son and talk to program manager in order to increase the shot dose.
I have been in a Rollercoaster with my son in the last 3 years and I believe it will be challenging for many years to come.
Now, he wants to get of the facility. he may need an additional dose of Invega or an supplemental medicine but because he is non-complaint on oral medicine, they cannot give any oral meds…
he has to be on the injection but I am sure he would not want to keep taking it once he is out of there unless we can find him a combination of meds that make him rational enough to know his illness


[quote=“CAAR2016, post:17, topic:6462”]
Keep coming here and asking questions or just lurk and read. This is a very caring, knowledgeable
yes, I have been using this community since 2016 and it is a support for me.
I had posted many issues related to my son homelessness and episodes and disappearance. this is the first year in the last 2 years when I can have a peaceful Holiday. I was searching for him in the last 2 XMAS. he would disappearing in Northern California then I had to file many missing police reports and find him later in Hospitals. I had very high anxiety last year just 2 weeks prior to XMAS.

Praying for you and your daughter.
Hope this holiday will be better for all of us.


[quote=“mbheart, post:15, topic:6462”]
How I pray and wish my son could just “manage” and just do the basic things without the help from AP meds

I agree with You. I am dealing with my son invega shot and high liver enzyme
he was given Invega 234 in April 2018 then 156mg then 2nd month and he was still delusional.
I requested the doctor to keep him on 234mg. they did the blood work afterwards and doctor told me that his liver enzyme levels were elevated…
i was worried about his liver and requested to reduce the shot to 117mg.
he has on 117mg for 4 months and getting worse.
I just requested to be put back on Invega-156mg last week… hoping this will help him
it has been hard to concentrate on my work…
praying for him to get better on Monthly Invega-156mg shot so we would not have to increase it one more time…
he is very non-compliant on medicine and he is very delusional about his liver. he thinks the medical staff facility are planning to operate on him every time they give him a Monthly shot.
Hoping he will better next month.


I’m so sorry to hear about your son. This is what i mean about these meds, actually ANY MEDS. Nothing in life is free and nothing comes without a price.

We are all reduced @ some point to choose and hopefully choose the lesser of 2 evils.

I have always been anti-med, always just suffered thru various ailments, how I was raised. However, sz is a different animal, and I’m finding myself @ the mercy of these AP poisons. My son is doing well on 10mg of Zyprexa, but even that doesn’t come without a price, with development of diabetes being one of the main side effects.

I’m so scared. You take into account some of these side effects, and also if what they say is true about people with sz having a much shorter life span, I’m pretty much freaking out.

I will never get “comfortable” with my son being used as a guina pig for multiple varieties of AP meds. I will always be in agony about what my son is putting into his body. But I have no other choice :slightly_frowning_face: