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Delusions and denial

I’m writing on this forum once again as I feel like it’s the only thing that’s getting me by
My brother is now on 30mg zyprexa and 100mg serequel 45mg mirtazapine and 500mg formentin

He believes that we have his ‘cure’ he sets a date each week that he expects us to give it to him but it’s all delusions
He says he wants his kids but there is no way in the world we can make him believe he doesn’t have kids
He was ok for a while but dropped to 10mg zyprexa that’s when these delusions started coming back really strong he has been on 30mg for a week but when will it start working I have such bad anxiety on a daily basis but thinking so much about what I can do and what do I say to him

@Gth The good thing is that he is talking to you. I would ask him what his kids names are. I’d ask him things about his kids. My mom had alzheimer’s and that is what they suggest with those patients. i.e. It they wanted to go home they said to ask about the house. What color is it? How many rooms?

That seems like a lot of different meds. Hopefully the 30 mg will kick back in soon. You could also try the sarcosine or profrontal. People have had some luck with those and you could tell him that may be the “cure”. The sacosine sweeten things so you could have him drink that daily. Just an idea.

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