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Delusions & Medication

Hi Everyone,

Hope u and your families are well. Me and my son, not so much. He’s continuing to have serious and frightening delusions about the CIA, FBI, Satan & God. He receives the Invega sustenna injection every 3 weeks and a 3 mg oral dose of Invega daily.

A friend recommended that he should also be on
Risperdal, Seroquel, Clozaril, Geodone or Zyprexa. Any thoughts/suggestions? I need to research to learn if any of the latter meds are contraindicated with Invega. Any of your loved ones have good or bad experiences on these

Hi there. My daughter tried Risperdal and turned into a zombie on it. She is currently taking Abilify and Celexa, but she is still hallucinating, so we may be switching again soon.

Based on everything I have researched, different meds work for different people, so it is all trial and error. I think figuring out meds and doses has been one of the most exhausting parts of this illness for me. I feel like I am constantly calling doctors and nurses to try and get them adjusted or changed.

I don’t have any experience with Invega injections, so I can’t speak for that. How long has he been taking them?

If his symptoms are serious, I would definitely reach out to his doctor. They should be able to tell you how soon his symptoms should go away, or if the meds seem to be working.

Sending positive vibes and thoughts your way. I’m sorry you and your family are going through this.

Hi @Marymom. My son has been on the Invega Sustenna injection for a year and a half, mostly at the highest dosage, and he too remains paranoid and delusional. He’s also loaded with the negative symptoms, so he basically has limited life outside our house. We’ve tried to convince him to switch to Clozaril, but certain delusions remain in the way. Our hands are tied.

To answer your question, the psychiatrists we’ve worked with said it was absolutely OK to have other AP oral meds overlap with the Invega Sustenna. In fact, it was encouraged to do this, at least for a period of time, to see if things improved.

The best med of those you listed is the Clozaril. That med is in a league of its own. For the lucky ones, it gives them back their lives. Apparently, it also has zero risk of causing Tardive Dyskinesia.

Good luck.

My son started on Risperidone about a year ago and it was pretty successful. His delusional thinking stopped and in most ways he seems like his old self. The side effects were mostly sleepiness and dizziness, which have reduced over time. He still has the negative symptoms, which I understand is typical. Interesting that it doesn’t have the same effect on everyone.

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my son was on Invega sustena 234mg with Activan as needed for almost 5 months. he was still delusional and talking to himself and talking about FBI, CIA, etc…
. His new doctor at the new Hospital put him on Clozaril 400mg gradually. started 25mg then will increase 25 every few days until he get to 400Mg. he is also taking Invega 234mg bu his doctor is thinking to reduce it. My Son is doing a lot better and he is not longer talking to himself and he is not delusional.
The doctor is also thinking about adding mood stablizer like Tegretol or Depokate to help…
Thanks God he is doing better but still not totally convinced that he needs the medicine.
He is taking at the hospital it but i am hoping with time, he will take my himself.
Clozril requires a blood draw weekly for the first 6 months then will be like every 2 to 3 weeks for another 6 months then will be every 3 to 4 months after one year.
The doctor said that it is a Golden standard medicine that has helped many who did not do well on other medicine.
it is worth a try.

The side effect of Clozarine/Clozapine is more appetite. my Son has been eating more pizza and pasta but we are trying to control it. he gets hungry between meals… Also Clozaril has much lower side effects than other medicine.