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A schizophrenic broke my heart


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People with schizophrenia are not known for breaking hearts. Thats a generalization. Breaking hearts is not a symptom of sz.

I’ve been left with a broken heart often, and didn’t break anyones hearts.

From what I understand most of us in here got their hearts broken a lot.

I’m sorry your boyfriend broke up with you, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Everyone, and I mean everyone, says and does things they regret, it’s not a thing exclusive to szs. Although with psychosis is easier to be confused and not be able to understand reality and have weird reactions to stuff.

Good luck


When I was younger and more handsome my looks were my only real strength. Beneath them lied a man who couldn’t drive because of the drugs and the eye problems I have, lived with his mother, would never do more than a minimum wage job because schizophrenia was a pre-existing condition my meds were too expensive and that was the most the Medicaid system would ever allow, the illness ran in my family so I was afraid to have children, and I only had a high school diploma. No drug got rid of the positive symptoms until I was 45 and the side effects made me have to get off of it I know I broke a few hearts and really wish I hadn’t but I didn’t see any way out of the trap I was in. Looks come and go and relationships are built on more than sex appeal. If I were with a woman when I was younger she’d have to take care of all my complicated needs such as going to the doctor frequently, going to the pharmacy, driving me to work as long as I worked, and helping to take care of other basic needs. Otherwise she would have had to accept SSI rules that would have restricted what she was doing as well. In a way I am guilty of not communicating enough to admit to women what my true status was as I was hiding my illness and the other embarrassing facts of my life. I am not totally guilty and I’m not totally innocent for acting that way. Some people in poverty don’t care and feel they have a right to sex and at times I felt like breaking out and trying something like lying like a dog to have a sex life. But I knew I made a bad liar and often stayed quiet instead. All I can tell you is many of us guys are in nearly impossible situations for a healthy relationship with others and can’t be givers as well as takers.


My apologies. I didn’t mean it in a stereotypical way. I’m in a very fragile state right now. Someone told me that, and I took it literal. I’m just hurt & confused. Did not mean to come off ignorant.


Yes, it is the other way round.


if he was diabetic would you say a diabetic person broke my heart? it doesn’t make sense


The emotional center of the brain is affected with schizophrenia. So when someone is having an episode, just like they can hear voices of people that aren’t there, or see things that aren’t there, they can also experience feelings that are not their true feelings. Every time my husband has an episode, he doesn’t know if he loves me and thinks he has to leave me. It’s very common. Another thing is that since the person is often incapable of understanding what is happening, they look for what could be responsible for why they are suffering. The answer to that question is almost always to blame the person closest to them, whether that be a romantic interest, or a parent. Those two things make it so that one day, he or she loves you intensely, and all of the sudden they break up with you for no apparent reason. It took me a while before I was able to tell the difference between when my husband was talking to me from his heart, and when it was the illness.


Three things:

First, I reject your stereotyping of those with schizophrenia. We’re people. Our relationships fail just like those of normal people do. Your post is highly offensive.

Second, when schizophrenia destroys a relationship, it is usually NOT intentional. Someone suffering from hallucinations and delusions is reacting to their perceived stimulus and not reality. They don’t hurt people on purpose. They are ill and in need of help.

Third, we get our hearts broken too, especially when we are sought out by people to make us their own personal projects. I’ve seen too many instances of psychologically damaged people seeking out schizophrenics for unhealthy relationships and cannot help but wonder it your scenario is one of those cases?



I can relate to being extremely erratic emotionally. I dumped my best bf in a delusional state…he believed me and left. I still miss him and nobody has gotten into my heart the same. I have little hope anymore of finding a man who can handle me (I feel like I’m like dating a tiger). Even on meds I still have strange thinking.



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This is such a great explanation of what you deal with loving someone with sz. My fiance breaks up with me every other week for things that are not even happening. But i keep taking him back because i know its his illness and not his heart. What makes them think they don’t love us during an episode? I would love more insight from you. You seem to have alot of experience dealing with sz in a romantic aspect.