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A tale of two brain disorders



Yes, I agree. Same happens in the news here, dementia seems to be accepted by society. When my daughter disappeared for a month 2 years ago, I could barely get anyone interested in trying to help. Yet an old person (sorry, I am an old person too) who wanders off without his/her meds is suddenly big news. I guess it is just that one is an “accepted” “physical” illness of the brain, and one is not? When I am successful in finding her a job, it is because I tell people she is “special needs” and they are sometimes willing to help. I certainly can’t say she is schizophrenic. That usually ends the conversation right there…


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I certainly feel I can’t talk easily about what is going on with my daughter… I feel that people get really quiet not knowing what to say… that is how both my parents and my wife’s parents responded. A few people have been supportive, including my oldest brother and my wife’s sister.

Could schizophrenia come under the disability act?


I think schizophrenia does fall under the disability act. My son receives SSI, and is considered disabled.

Sometimes I do describe my son as disabled; other times I say he has a ‘serious mental illness’. Both of these are less stigmatizing than using the term schizophrenia.