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My mom...her psychos

My family has never been diagnosed with SZ disorder. I lived with mom for years after the kids all left the nest. Never have any of our family members been diagnosed with SZ. I can tell you this, that my mom left her family when she was very young and as time moved on, I realized my mom was not okay, she started saying things like, “we held her captive”, or “we are posioning her”. I just chalked it up to “old age” this is what happens as you get older. Then she started telling people stories about her heritage, how we used to be a relative of a president, or a very rich name like cooper tire or president Jackson. I used to believe these stories as a young person. Then my husband and I realized, she made these stories up. The stories got worse and more unbelievable. Aliens invaded her thoughts and my brother supported these ideas. She and my brother say they are being “reprogrammed” by aliens. That brings you up to date. My son who is also undiagnosed and suffered a TBI (tramatic brain Injury) from an auto accident that is unbelievable. It all makes sense. That is why I am here. My story is unbelievable. You can look at my earlier post.
My husband and my 2 girls are shocked from my son’s behavior. All of us do not have any hard evidence about this terrible disease that runs in our family.
I am telling you this story because I believe other families have this same story.
Please let me know if this sounds familiar to your situation, I would really appreciate your input.


Hi AnnieNorCal,

In Family to Family they told our class that while a person may have symptoms of a brain disorder, it isn’t considered to be a brain disorder that requires treatment unless the symptoms make it impossible for them to work and have relationships.

I have two siblings who have always been counted on since their early teen years to raise a ruckus and make family gatherings unpleasant. They get excited, they get angry and then they start yelling. They seem to see family gatherings are an opportunity for these less than delightful moments. One of them was finally diagnosed with bipolar recently - at age 55. The sibling was told in the diagnosis discussion that what had happened to cause the recent breakdown (threatening to kill several people and those people’s children caused police to pick the sibling up and take them to a mental facility) was a combination of mild bipolar and a nervous breakdown.

Both of my siblings have worked successfully and have families. While they have bipolar, its not bad enough to be disabling.

Even though I grew up with a dad and two siblings with bipolar symptoms, nothing prepared me for the symptoms of full blown schizophrenia in my son. No one knows what schizophrenia looks like until they see the symptoms firsthand. All of our family members with schizophrenia don’t show their symptoms all of the time. This disorder does cycle, my son has constant psychosis, but some days are lighter than other days. My son’s scz grew slowly and some of his initial changes we just saw as him not being a child anymore. People do grow and they change as they grow.

On my husband’s side, no one ever said anything about schizophrenia until after my son was diagnosed. I don’t think they recognized it either. My husband’s aunt clearly had it. I met her one time years ago. My MIL wanted me to meet her sister that I had never met before. She didn’t answer her phone but we made the car trip out to her place. When she came to the door I looked at her and thought oh, she’s hungover, she must be an alcoholic. She didn’t invite us in, the entire doorstep encounter took maybe 3 minutes - the two sisters hadn’t seen each other in years. MIL was not surprised, just said that’s how she is. Fast forward to many years later and seeing my own son trying to communicate through his psychosis when someone knocked on his door…


Hello Hope, thank you for sharing your story about your family.
I am so happy to be here on this site. I hope that in the future there will be a cure for Mental illness and brain disease.
Take care, peace


Hi AnnieNorCal,
Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. This site is such a refuge on bad days and a place to celebrate on good days. Peace be with you AnnieNorCal

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AnnieNorCal, yes, i also just remembered from reading your post, my sister would say our mama tried to poison her with some apple pie. It was driving me crazy to hear her say that, our mama was the sweetest most loving person out there. Sis said these things after mama passed, never before. I have tears reading your posts, i wish i could give you a big hug.

@Kathy203 and all of you
We are here to give each other support. I hope you find some comfort.
Many families are heartbroken about their loved ones, it seems so unfair.
We can be strong for each other and maybe along the way find some answers.
I hope the best for all of you, unfortunately for our family and others here, not everything ends happy.
I have learned to cope, nights are the hardest. AnnieNorCal


Thank you and all others here for some great insights on how to help my sister. I am going to purchase that book “i am not sick i don’t need help” tomorrow first thing. My heart hurts, especially at night too, as i have more time to think. You are in my prayers, as well as everyone going through this with their loved ones. It is very trying, but i have hope and will never give up on her. :heart::heart:

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