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A thread for care-giving tips (Pics, quotes and/or phrases welcome)










Don’t take bad moods personally and know when to walk away.

Don’t let your loved one think that you don’t make the same mistakes they do.

Don’t always assume that your right or that they are wrong


Very good tips…



Joseph Campbell said:

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. We will need tolerance for the unknown as well as the willingness to let go of our previous plans and not be so invested in any set identity or outcome."




The first one really hits me. I was talking with my kid sis about the times she would visit me and I was too scattered to say much or concentrate so we just sat and colored in her coloring books.

It blows me away to think that while she thought I didn’t want to see her, and I didn’t care if she was there…

I was so attached to her visits. She didn’t recoil when I held her arm, she didn’t force conversation. Just having her there, coloring with me… meant so much to me. But because of this damn illness, I had no way to tell her that until I discovered I could write again.


That’s really sweet James, made me smile.


Somehow, even in the very beginning before I knew what schizophrenia was, I have instinctively known not to dismiss or be judgmental about my son’s delusions. If they seem really weird to me I just listen and nod my head occasionally. What I have learned is not to bombard him with too much talk and/or information, as when this happens I lose his attention very quickly. I have noticed he responds well to clear and concise statements/instructions. My husband and I do try to keep things calm around our home and really always have, so son does have that built-in. Son doesn’t seem to be doing too well today, seems out of it and not in a good mood. He just left to go back down to Atlanta for a couple of days, so we are just praying he stays safe.


Personally I think #10 should be at the top :smile:


I liked that setting realistic goals, basically maintaining the daily routine is important.


BarbieBF…I agree…believing them should be up there at the top…if you truly don’t believe, surely don’t dismiss them and especially don’t dismiss them as fools.