Discouragement and encouragement

Hi to all of you and here’s praying all of you better days and nights. Because I know it gets difficult. I know people come on strong in giving hope and friendship sometimes saying they can handle the person’s delusions or behavior and then begin to leave or discourage caretakers or ones that are battling the illness. Here’s to you all dealing with that. Here’s a big thank you to you all who listen and encourage here on this chat. Because you help me when people around don’t understand more fully the things are loved ones do and how we deal or cope.


Welcome back @Butterflyinthewind1 . Your hope and prayers for those suffering through their own war with schizophrenia I’m sure will encourage others who are hurting too. I’m glad this site helps you when those around you and your loved one don’t understand the battles going on in your loved one’s mind and in your heart. I agree, personally, I think very few people outside of those touched with schizophrenia understand in any way, not even 1%, of what families go through who have to deal with severe mental illness. They can often say very unfeeling things. I learned not to take advice from those without real life experience with psychosis in self or loved ones, even doctors and nurses… Those bad comments, unfeeling or unthinking or untrue, just caused more pain.

I am one of the very lucky caregivers whose loved one is doing well after getting ill at age 32 in 2016. I try to give hope and advice as I ONLY knew what to do because of advice and encouragement from this site and NAMI and a few doctors, nurses, police and judges.


Hi oldladyblue!
I went ahead and downloaded Leap method on to my phone. Seems I’ve made some mistakes in communication. I have some changing to do!

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