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Abilify and Aripiprazole

Abilify and Aripiprazole injections warning. I have 2 sons who are 18 years apart. The oldest DX with SZ age 20 in 1999. About 3 years ago his psych doc put him on Abilify pills. He never ever had a gambling problem. 1 year on this drug he gambled 60,000. Dollars away. Our whole family was in shock. He went bankrupt. 8 months after he went bankrupt he gambled another 20,000. Dollars. Almost lost his family and job. Fast forward, his Sz brother was started on Abilify injections a year and half ago. Every time he got the shot it caused severe mania afterwards for two weeks. His asshole psych doc would not listen to me. He was finally in the hospital fir 4 months and GUESS WHAT, they determined the Abilify injection was causing him severe mania and harm. Just google Abilify and the lawsuits.

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Hi, my son had rixalti.and got gambling addiction and spent at.least.8,000,.strealing money from me…then yhey switched to abilify…the aide effects and maker are the same…their was a class action or pther lawsuits against these medications amd stated they cause gambling and other addictions. Google it…maybe.u can file.or get in on…i emailed.1 attorney and they didnt add me to the case…maybe i should try again too at different attorney.

To be fair to the medications and the pharmaceutical companies who develop and manufacture them, these are not widespread side effects and there are explicit warnings for these and other side effects associated with the medications. These lawsuits and others like them have been heavily publicized for years, and quite frankly because it’s free advertising for the lawyers who make the bulk of the money from class-action lawsuits.

With any psychotropic medication, there’s a question of whether true informed consent is possible in mental health settings. However, I think caregivers are often so desperate and bewildered and confused by the voluminous and jargon-filled warnings they overlook them. Abilify has been off-patent for many years, and these side-effects publicized and documented on drug warnings, so cases such as these aren’t nearly as strong as the earlier ones before these effects were well known.

As with most class action lawsuits, personal injury and malpractice lawyers are quick to sign you up to get on the gravy train so they eventually can profit off this misfortune. Just realize it can take take years and years and years for a settlement to be reached in class action suits, and the size of the settlement checks will likely disappoint everyone but the lawyers. It also tends to reduce the availability and drive up the costs of newer and better drugs, because of the cost of extensive testing and other liability mitigations.

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Hi my love one is on injection abilify- I find it has really helped and improved his cognitive ability - it’s been a positive for us - have not noticed any negative from it just positive-

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I’m happy for you and your son. Each psych med reacts differently on different people. Merry Christmas

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yes, I heard that the injectables have less side effects, however my son refuses them.