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My son is suing his doctor

I just found out from a nurse at my sons doctors office that he used to see and she told me , ‘’ did you know that your son is suing his doctor ? " i was so embarrassed and felt sick and then she told me he is suing other doctors too . What am i suppose to say or do ? She was sweet and understanding and asked if my son is still taking his meds . He is !!! but he is still delusional and refuses to take any more meds . My hands are tied . My son is adamant that these doctors ruined his life and he can not have kids . i am so worried that when or if he goes to court and they say he has no case he will become even more angry and psychotic and may get arrested . Im so scared . I just pray and hope this does not get to court .

Where did he get the money to hire a lawyer? My son went thru a period of threatening this, but without money for a lawyer, it of course went nowhere.

BTW, I am certainly NOT the poster child for this advice, but try to not let something like this embarrass you - it isn’t your fault, and it is the illness to blame.

Hi , he got the money from a car accident he had a year ago . he sued the company and got $3000 , I couldn’t believe it . He is suing his doctors for forcing him to take a shot and that has caused him to shrink his muscles and cause him not to have kids . Do you think this will go to court ? They will know real soon that he is clearly unwell .

I sincerely doubt it will get that far. Partly because $3000 won’t go very far in lawyer’s fees.

He already spent most of the money on clothes and spent around $500 on lawyers , he has no more money now . Im wondering how his lawyer can not see he is unwell , he is just taking his money

He will probably soon be wanting to sue the lawyer for failing to take the issue further.

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You are probably right ! my concern is that this will go to court and my son will flip out and get arrested . So scary !! How are you doing ? all good your end ?

Overall, life is pretty stable. Of course I always wish for better for my son, but there aren’t any major upsets.

Thats great ! stable is good . Keep well .

He may get something but not a significant amount. Depends a bit on the State where the suit is filed. Many insurers and businesses pay token amounts in settlements just to make cases go away. Often it is cheaper in the long run. The people who really make money on this litigation are the lawyers, at the insurance company’s or individuals expense (and it ultimately get passed onto consumers). It’s common that people who win personal injury suits to leverage money from one suit to finance others. Some people make a meager livelihood stringing cases like these together to supplement disability income.

Thank you for your insight ! very interesting .

I felt boring just search on Google. Below sections may help a bit.

" Risperidone (at 1.0 and 3.0 mg/kg/day) significantly decreased NMDA binding in caudate-putamen of juvenile and adult animals. In contrast, the same two doses of risperidone decreased NMDA receptors in nucleus accumbens of juveniles and not adults.Oct 9, 2008"

" Aripiprazole decreased 5-HT2A receptors in the MPC, DFC, HIPP–CA1, and HIPP–CA3 regions. Both compounds decreased NMDA receptors and increased AMPA receptors in select brain regions. … However, cariprazine more profoundly increased D3 receptors while aripiprazole selectively reduced 5-HT2A receptors ."

" What happens when NMDA receptors are blocked?

Such side effects caused by NMDA receptor inhibitors include hallucinations, paranoid delusions, confusion, difficulty concentrating, agitation, alterations in mood, nightmares, catatonia, ataxia, anesthesia, and learning and memory deficits."

I never know psycho drugs can create SZ symptoms. Make you more stupid and drink a lot of water.

Maybe I was wrong. You shall ask your doctors.

Very interesting . It was always in the back of my mind , very scary . I tried to ween my son off a few times and his symptoms got worse . I sometimes think if his Abilify is making him delusional and paranoid . Im at a loss and always worried for him , i don’t know what to do any more . If i ask the doctor im sure his answer will be no , Meds make money , and so do all doctors . All so sad .

Some scary side effects will last forever. Even you stopped it long time ago. They call it “Relapse”.

Do you know anyone that has taken Abilify ? and if so ,how are they feeling with it ?

Feeling? Those are feelings…

My daughter said the same thing for about six months. She never did, she didn’t have the energy or knowledge to do it. It just shows the anger that they have about taking meds. My daughter was sure the meds caused her breast cancer.

Your daughter could be correct about her psych meds causing her cancer. They advise patients and families that the risk of cancer is worth the benefit of the psych meds.

I didn’t believe my son would go through with it either but he worked so hard and was so persistent and i had nothing to do with it . He also said at one time that they gave him cancer .

I don’t know what’s worse for him to take the meds or not . Can Abilify mimic schizophrenia ? I had a normal son until his break and he has had only 1 break but he is clearly delusional and paranoid and on Abilify 25mg

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