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Aripiprazrole 15 mg bad reaction

My relative started taking aripiprazole (Abilify) 15mg four days ago for his psychosis which had been going on for a couple of years. This is the first drug the doctor has prescribed. As of right now he isn’t diagnosed SZ but that’s what the doc is leaning towards. But other testing is being done for tumors, genetic tests, and neurological issues.

He hasn’t had an episode since last year and that’s without being on any meds. Then he started Abilify 15 mg and had his worst episode yet. Almost to the point where he needed to be taken in for medical help. He is having uncontrollable twitches in his right hand and can’t use it well. I’m am worried that by started this we have just made things so much worse for him and he will be stuck with irreversible side effects. He’s only been on it for 4 days and his doc set up an appointment ASAP.

Please any advice from anyone whos been on this medication would help! I don’t know what to do anymore…

Abilify made my son very agitated. I think either it works well, or has bad results as my son had. After it was out of his system, another medication was started.

This reaction to Abilify has happened to a few people’s family members. Plus, that is a somewhat high dose to start on.

Since Abilify works for some people, doctors hope it works for everyone with these symptoms.

Hopefully the bad reaction will end quickly.

Uncontrollable twitches may be another illness entirely. One of my cousin’s sons has this, and I forget the name of the illness. Sometimes an antipsychotic is used to treat this, but I have not heard of Abilify being used for treatment. Klonipin, not an antipsychotic, has helped her son. On a side note, my daughter has been on Abilify with other medications, and it has been a life saver.

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My daughter was on abilify for less than a week and she had involuntary muscle movement as well. She has a history of this problem with other drugs in the past. Her dr stopped the Med right away.

Aripiprazole has been the best med for my son , he’s been on 20mg for 7 months now and is doing really well.

Yeah that’s what happened to him too. He couldn’t control his arm and hand movements on his right side and it ended in a pretty bad episode. So we stopped the medication.

I am so glad to hear it helped you. I know it can be a long process to find what works. His doctor said he had gotten the more rare side effects unfortunately. We’re still trying to find what works for him.

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When I say it’s good, I mean it’s been the best he’s been on . Hope you find the right med/dosage soon.