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Acute hearing as possible link to Schizophrenia


My son,from the time he was born,always cried and no matter what we tried,nothing seemed to work. That was 44 years ago. We went to many doctors,whom at the time said he would grow out of it,whatever “it” was.
He would cry,cry,and keep crying,while at the same time,kick things and throw many tantrums. By the time he was around
eight years old,he started to get better,had some friends,and up to and including his teen years,he was a normal,active,athletic son. He was into martial arts going to school and doing fairly well.
Then,when he was about 29,he changed overnight and I mean,overnight. He was a completely different person and we tried to do everything we could to get him help. It took approximately 3 years to get him into a treatment center and we were lucky because one very caring lady, happen to remember me always calling to see if a space was available.
The hospital kept him for 3 months,until a space opened up for him and it was the longest 3 months in my life because I thought they would release him or that a space would never open for him. He is doing quite well now but as all of you probably know,you never stop worrying.
The reason I’m telling this,is that all his life,he has heard voices,thought he had an implant in his teeth or somewhere in his head,was sure that the government had someone following him,and the most important thing,that I have thought about for the last few years,is his acute hearing.Since he was about 8 months of age,he could hear things from a long distance,i.e.,he would scream at his brother,that he was breathing too loud for him to sleep and started fighting with him.This was and is still a problem. He now always has a pair of headphones on most of the time and listens to music,even when working. Has anyone else had this type of acute hearing and could this have caused his disease ? I mean,he can’t take any kind of loud noise at all. I have seen him cry tears when someone in the same vicinity as him is loud.
This was quite a long winded way to say what i have said but if this can help someone else,then it will be worth it.
Than you for listening.


What a coincidence, I just came across this yesterday:


This makes total sense.


This was fascinating. I’m very sensitive to noises, and if I anticipate going somewhere that is going to be noisy, I wear ear plugs to cut down on some of the noise. I can still hear customers, for example, if I need to respond to them, while I am bussing a table at a restaurant, because I can still hear well enough even with the ear plugs in. That’s how sensitive my ears are to noise.


The reason I go with a walkman is that some can’t afford an i phone and my son really like the walkman. You can buy them in thrift stores for $5-$15 so I always buy them for him and have so far accumulated 5. He has really settled down and works 4 days a week plus has a nice 1 bedroom apartment with support staff available. I am really proud of him because about 15 years ago he took the advanced St. John’s Ambulance course and last year he saved a mans life by giving him CPR. When he was younger he started a conservation officer’s course but was advised that there were not many jobs available so he switched to an ambulance course with the intention of being a Paramedic.He is doing quite well at this time and I see him a few times a week, We start fishing this spring which is also good for people with this horrible disease. Fishing is relaxing and if you catch and release with barbless hooks,you can have a great time, He has also learned to make his own Fly’s.which takes much patience. Thanks for listening.


My daughter is sensitive to noises and bright light.


Near the beginning of his first episodes, my son’s sense of smell and hearing were both acute. They were often verifiable, that is, he would say he smelled something but no one else did - until later we did smell what he was smelling. Same with hearing.