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ADD and Schizophrenia

Does your doctor prescribe Adderall for ADD after SZ diagnosis. My son has been missing his ADD medicine but his doctor won’t write it but indicated that others might. How about it? If it could be monitored, would you recommend it?

There’s a link between some ADD medications and psychosis…

So lots of doctors won’t write these prescriptions.


My son has been prescribed Adderall before.
It always ends badly.

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Thank you for the reminder.

Thank you for the reminder. I have read that before.

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My son asked for it again at his last appt with his new PDoc.
She gently explained why she wouldn’t prescribe it. He says it helps with his anxiety, which at low dosages it seems like it might.

However, he always wants a little more than he should have so he can “feel” it.

I’m just glad she said no & I won’t have to have that argument.


My son abused it…