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Addison's disease and sk

I just read that Addison’s disease and hypothyroidism is a common misdiagnosis of SK. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease 28 years ago and have been taking hydrocortisone. When I was pregnant with my daughter I already had Addison’s and had to take hydrocortisone during my entire pregnancy . She has been diagnosed with sk/bipolar. Now I’m wondering if there might be a connection. Has anyone ever heard this before? I just think this is strange because I have. Addison’s and now my daughter has SK.

What’s Addison’s disease? I’ve never heard of it.

I think you are thinking of Asperger’s that is often a misdiagnosis of schizophrenia.

I don’t think we know about passing on any kind of condition that would take years to come to the surface, especially in utero.

Unless she had learning problems or a type of ADHD or something like that growing up.

What makes you think she’s schizophrenic?

Addison’s Disease is an endocrine disorder.

Addison’s disease is an autoimmune disease. Your body attacks itself and takes out your adrenal gland. It also can attack other areas. The article was on the website. But according to the article, it was saying that a person could have Addison’s or hypothyroidism and have the same symptoms of sk/bi polar disorders. On the onset of me getting Addison’s the doctor did not know what was wrong because it is such a rear disease so she thought maybe it was in my head and that I was purging myself so she put me in the mental ward, until a friend of mine became irate and told her she was wrong. I was too weak to do anything about anything and I was dying at the time. I weighed 90 lbs and was 6 months pregnant. Was admitted to the hospital after the baby was born and stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks before the doctor finally checked me for Addison’s.

Autoimmune diseases are so hard to diagnose.

On the other hand, sometimes mental illness takes years before you get properly diagnosed as well.

I’m sorry for your trials, especially during pregnancy.

Who is it that has the schizophrenia, you, your daughter or both? And why do you feel this way?

Of course, not all articles can describe us to a T. And doctors will probably be torn. For example you might get a diagnosis of schizophrenia by one psychiatrist, and bipolar by another pdoc, but your general practisioner might say, no, you are experiencing something that everyone gets will your Addison’s.

My daughter is the one who has sk/bipolar. I have Addison’s disease and hypothyroidism

Even if it’s linked, it no longer matters. My mom was so healthy when she was pregnant with me and I still got a mental illness. If you can’t change something, stressing and regretting won’t help. Unless you’re looking into raising awareness or something. Is you daughter taking her meds? I’m sure she can function in no time.

Ok, well, I don’t think you should feel responsible for her illness.

My mother has scoliosis, and she did the best she could with us, and I know that what I have to do to prevent arthritis or similar conditions is pound the pavement, or workout, because it strengthens bones.

Schizophrenia is a tricky one to try to come with why this happened.

Some of us have stopped asking that question. I know you want answers, so maybe talk to your specialist.