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Immunity and schizopheria


Hi there has anyone had a child who had a very low immune system in childhood who suffers from schizophrenia or schizo-affected disorder.My daughter has been sick from birth and I had read something about the immune system and schizophrenia.She has been sensitive to many foods and and always had very high fevers nearly every few months.I always had to bath her through the night to keep fever down.Always strep infection or sore ears or throat.No appetite after reading about the immune system I feel there is a connection between immune system and schizophrenia.The doctors don’t seem to care about nothing just give there drugs and goodbye.I do believe the immune system will be part of the answer for schizophrenia.


Some scientists are studying autoimmune conditions and psychosis:

My layperson interpretation is that there is an autoimmune type of psychosis that has a different pathophysiology than the kind of psychoses that the majority people diagnosed with sz have.


Thank you very much I do believe her illness is related to her immune system.She has been sick since birth she also has a asthma .I told her one doctor that she was sick since birthThey just don’t understand how sick she was.At least every 2 months burn with high fever took me everything just to bring them down bathtub was my biggest help.Cant have a heart to heart with her doctor they don’t want to be brothered


I believe you are correct. I have read about psychosis developing after untreated/misdiagnosed strep infections. I think all of us would like to point to a significant event or series of events which caused the illness in hopes if we can identify the correct cause we can successfully treat the subsequent illness.

And sometimes we just don’t really know. Therein lies the heartbreak of MI.


I suspect this might be my son’s case. We have several autoimmune diseases running in the family and the course of my son’s illness seems completely different from most of those I read about on here (much less acute and with less decline, thankfully). If the treatment for this “version” passes the tests, I’m going to suggest my son goes to be tested for antibodies.