Adult son acutely psychotic. Facing eviction

Our adult son is acutely psychotic. Takes meds but they don’t help. His landlord want to evict him for making noise and scaring other tenants. My son appears and acts bizarrely. Police just take him to hospital and they let him leave in a few days when he’s no better. We fear he’ll wind-up homeless.

Is there a way you could advocate for your son to get his meds via a long lasting injection the next time he is hospitalized?
That would at least give the meds some time to work and hopefully as he feels better, he might just decide to comply with meds long term.

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This is rough. Our son will likely be homeless again in the future. It’s a rough road out there and it’s rough on us. He is only on medication because he was homeless last summer and got into trouble with the law and now he has to take the medication or he goes to jail. He is on the 3 month shot of invega.

Since he is an adult we have no legal standing. However, we have twice written to the clinic “treating” him and asked that he be put on a long-lasting injection. If they have offered it or offered it and be turned down, we have no idea. So frustrating.

Completely relate to your awful situation. I’m looking into getting an involutary committment order for my son. In my state it can be granted if you can show that a person with mental illness can’t care for themselves (other states require dangerousness). Trying to find a lawyer to help me with this but it’s incredibly expensive.

Caringforhim reply: We once went the involuntary committment route. It is expensive but worked well for a while. NAMI recommended a couple of lawyers. We needed a lot of documentation for the court that he was a danger to himself. He was hospitalized and then the hospital, upon his release, provided in-home visits and medication maintenance. It was great until it wasn’t. Covid came and the hospital connection fell apart. Their fault and our son’s. We have not been able to get our son to voluntarily reconnect with the hospital. Good luck to you. Mental health treatment in this country is a disgrace.