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Advance Health Care Directives and/or Power of Attorney for SZ family member?


Has anyone on here ever done an advanced health care directive and/or power of attorney medically/financially for their sz family member? I’m considering trying to figure this out so I can prepare for future episodes. Right now I have no power to do anything and the doctors can’t talk to me. It’s really frustrating and it doesn’t help that since my mom is currently in an episode she’s super paranoid about me looking at her papers or touching her meds. While I might not be able to do anything now, I’m hoping once she is stable we can talk about doing a health care directive and power of attorney. Has anyone ever done this and does it work during a SZ episode?


I have been investigating this heavily recently.

The best option seems to be a Power of Attorney , and for financial matters, it seems the best option is to automate as many bills as possible with EFT bank transactions.