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Advice for caretaker

strong text i Need advice in regard to copying with my loved one …as i feel worn out and exhausted…strong text

This is a tough one. I assume you live with them. What I have read is clear boundaries are essential.

Depending on your loved one’s functionality… there are a lot of routes you can take…

There are day programs… for your loved one… that would give you some time to do what you want too…

Visiting nurses if your feeling like you can’t take care of the medical needs

P.A.C.T. teams or treatment teams… depending on what part of the world your in…

Hope you find some ideas… Good luck.

I live with my Partner and feel at times am getting impatient, frustruated etc…am reading a lot of literature to better inform myself but still cannot help fighting frustruation at times…thanks for advice…

You are not alone in feeling this way. Dealing with this illness is HARD on you and your partner.
If you are in the US, try contacting NAMI, or some local support group for yourself. It`s too hard to do this alone.
Also check with social services in your area for any help.
This site also has a lot of information. Has helped me tremendously!

Thanks for your advice…I give alLittle background in regard to my partner`s condition…He is on meds. and is well informed and co-operative…We live in Austria in alLittle village and there are no support groups…I guess just talking a Little with someone who understands will help me and ease my anxiety…Unfortunately I cannot talk to anyone here other than the psychiatrist…but that is time limited and very expensive…

Thanks for listening and please stay in touch…I think it will help me to cope better …

remember schizophrenia is a very stressful disease. It would help if no added stress were put on to the sufferer.

I don’t know your circumstances, but would you be able to get yourself a vacation, a weekend away to help relax and take your mind off things.

Thanks for your advice…unfortunately I am not able to take vacation as I am the only one taking care of my loved one…Am reading and informing myself as much as possible…My husband does take his meds. and also has accepted his illness…Just have absolutely no one around to vent a little in regard to frustration… I know Moral Support would help me immensley…We live in -Europe in a little village and Support Groups are too far away to attend…

im tired worn out and i want to run away. i live with a sick brother who is unmedicated and its become not tolerable as well as very scary. please help me get him some help because the situation is dangerous and its getting worse

who can i contact. i have to get my brother help.

its heart wrenching scary and so sad and the family members suffer the worst especially when they wont get the help they need. im scared and my situation is not tolerable.

You may have to try for an involuntary commitment. Contact your local mental health clinic. Also NAMI is great for family members support. They even have a support group in most places specifically for family members and can further assist you.

Hi @teameverding. Do you mind going into some details on what is happening? Are you scared of your brother or for your brother? If you are in danger then don’t hesitate to call emergency.