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Am I my sister’s best chance of getting well

My sister is 42 lives with our mum i have kept away from this idea a long time

Mum is so traumatised from bringing up 3 schizophrenic daughters that mum no longer thinks there is help
Mum thinks the help Is not there and that because my sister does not want help that we can’t help her
She is struggling to quit severe stages of alcoholism

When mum had our middle sister sectioned for 2 yrs she ran away and was hit by a car and killed my mum blames herself because she had her psychosis it there and now sister died because of this mum putting her somewhere she couldn’t help her decide to wait to get out

I live 30 miles away
I have schizophrenia in remission

I feel I should have all the answers but is it all down to me?

Does mums inaction make my role more important?

Anyone please let me know your thoughts
I’m not meant to get stressed and mum Always considers that before anything

Both mum and I know that she plans to kill her self as soon as mum isn’t around any more