I think we are going to lose my sister

I realise this basically amounts to pessimism and giving up

she now has decided to go back and live in London where she has a flat
She’s on her way 76 yr old mum is driving her 200 miles

she has according to mum had 7 or so weeks off alcohol
her detox was at home and was very severe with headaches, dislike of light, sickness. and basically a heavy alcoholic for 25 years is going to cause something to happen (she’s 40.)

she often confabulates and has a suspended sentence of 18 months for harassment (a bully who we think drugged raped and stalked her on line) he took her to court after years of abuse from her
she has been living with alcohol induced psychosis for about 6 years since her total deterioration and breakdown

I have schizophrenia myself (13 y out of hospital)

She has enduring psychosis - is very paranoid, talks to ghosts and shouts at people who she thinks are laughing at her.

Everyone is out to do her harm
Black magic everywhere
evil in certain things (objects)
and everyone is evil and means to do her harm

This feels so much like a first episode Schizophrenia
she has been using huge amounts of weed to calm her anxiety for the last few years
with 2 already schizophrenic sisters (our middle sister died)

she seems to want to recover away from her self induced prison in a dark room at my mums
she has given up drinking and smoking
but this feels like an enduring if not new case of schizophrenia

I’m sorry to keep churning out this story

I am supposed to learn to detach my mum thinks

I KNOW she should be in hospital
i just don’t think we can get her there in the NHS
they are out of money and haven’t been interested in doing anything to help someone who doesn’t want it

moving to London she rejects both of us not wanting to speak about anything as usual

I hope your sister can care for herself in London. If it is what she wants, perhaps it is best to let her go.

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Three, I would be concerned for your mom and sister too if I were you but perhaps at this point it may be best for you to take your moms advice and detach for a bit. Don’t fret that something “may” happen. Save your worry time and energy for when something does happen if it does.

Hugs to you


The weed won’t help with her symptoms either. Will likely make them worse. Can you maybe get her admitted to a psych unit to get some medication to help her?
You mentioned that you have a schizophrenia diagnosis. You sound like you are doing quite well! May I ask about what if any medications have worked for you? Therapies? I am always hopeful to hear about people who have recovered and managing their symptoms.

I don’t know oldladyblue

I think i can’t help her. Anything i say is seen as an attack. She is nervous of me.
and is paranoid.

at the moment her big decision is to get out of the area i live and never come back

this worked for 3 weeks last time and was only back here a few days, now leaving forever again

Thanks Bloom

you’re right
there can be not way i can prevent anything if she has gone away. I have not been able to get through to her for more than a few weeks at a time
it hasn’t been enough

she begged me to go cycling with her again this summer
i got caught up in my husband’s new job and our house move

3 summers ago we spent the summer cylcing

she said it was the last time she was happy

but some of this has to come from her.

it was an invite but I also furked it up i think at the same time

this is not about me but i will answer because it’s significant to you.

I had the most enduring love of my life from my mum. She has been the Andy Murray of all mums with 22 years sometimes overlapping but mostly not - with 3 girls who had acute psychosis these 22 yrs

one after another mostly but as teens 2 of us were acutely unwell at the same time

she was my coach when i got up to 10 - 13 mi long runs every weeekend with some fun races my motivation would not have coped

she bought all of us somewhere to live, so we had luck with money (due to a wealthy controlling sexually sadistic father)
She supported me in everything i ever wanted to do other than drink or go out with the wrong guy
She became a successful therapist and when myself and her went on NHS family therapy for a year i finally got a trusting relationship
I think none of this would have worked had i continued to try different meds and try coming off meds
i’m sure i have had 3 of my relapses due to switching meds or giving up once for 6 months of course the other equally relapse causing would be stress.
This has caused as many relapses as med non compliance

i wanted to be something have an adventurous life, meet someone
then i was psychotic SO MUCH WORSE than ever for 2 out of 3 years and my prognosis was terrible at that point

i had a lot of support through the psych team, meeting a social worker, in a non mental health setting i gave up smoking also with support since my last hospital stay in 2006 i haven’t smoked or relapsed.

my husband is not like my typical sporty, and sometimes more Alpha relationships

this is another thing

I could not live without him

yes he wants food on time and someone to always be around in the house
but he works in every way so hard for me
everything in that last sentence sounds wrong but it’s working
i just have to keep speaking my mind

I was on a strong Depot med i think it’s first generation and i’ve been taking that med in pill form

it’s called Clopixol
Zuclopehtixol Decanoate
and there is a Zuclopenthixol type of med which is used in the first few days of hte depot

I’ve had tonnes of talk therapy this has also been really useful

my symptoms are basically voices sometimes i believe they are real but usually only on a bad day

if i am on holiday with big suitcases going place to place for a couple of weeks i’m bound to have at least one day where psychosis creeps back in a serious way -
it’s because of the ‘good stress’ phenomenon which is still a stressor for schizophrenics

The main thing i have now is being over 35
things can get so bad but when you are in middle age a lot of schizophrenics have periods of really significant lessening of symptoms

It is humbling how much help i have had