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Amyloban 3399 - a supplement that helped me

I was having breakthrough positive symptoms despite being on the highest dose of meds, so I started this supplement which is supposed to help. After 3 days my symptoms were gone. Also gone was my anxiety and the nausea I get from meds. After 1 week I notice I’m talking way more at support group and others say I seem much more alive. I feel closer to normal than ever before. Not stimulated, just clearer in thought. I’ve only been on this supplement for 1 week. But so far it’s been working really well.
Also an update, this week Thursday I see my first peer coach client. This Friday I have a gig passing out drug cards. I also have day treatment right now and after that ends I might be a skills trainer part time as well. My goal right now is to get a bf and work stably part time and I’m halfway there.
I have schizophrenia and I’m thankful that with meds and family support, I’ve reached this good stage in my recovery.
Hope you give the supplement a try for your family member. I really feel that there is hope for us. It’s not the end!

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@Tukey, I looked this up and it said take 2 tablets 3x /day. May I ask if you take the full 6 tablets per day? Or did you start out slower?

Hi! I only take 1 pill per night. At higher doses, I seem to get sleepy. I really feel 6 of these pills per day is way more than enough…

@Tukey, thank you! Going to try to convince my son, he seems to always be in a “fog”, which no doubt is from AP’s

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I take real mushrooms lions mane with a b complex
And shilajit all together
Work really well together
Weve been doing good so far with all of this
How has your experience been turkey?

Hi @TheSunshineMaras, I’ve been reading about this, I know you mentioned it before. Originated in China or Japan? I would love to try it on my son, and even myself.

So many of the natural herbal healers seem to originate either from the Middle East or Asia.

How is girlfriend doing? Still no Invega? Is she hanging tough? Still
experiencing side effects?

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It’s worth a try !
Why not
You have nothing to lose
She has dystonia akathasia and dyskinesia
Which seem to be worse some days
She has good days too!
We are hopeful for the battle
To be honest we spent about 200$ on brain supplements like nootropics
And are learning a lot about Neurogenesis and Neuro plasticity
And neuro linguistics programming …
We are also learning about non violent communication skills as well
Which is very helpful
All these results keep our faith up…
But those darn extrapyramidal side effects are pretty bad when they come…

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Going into our 3rd month without the shot!
After 10+years of AP

@TheSunshineMaras I know, it’s pretty scary, right? My son, 25, on and off for 5 years now. I shudder to think of what he may experience if he tried to wean off and try to go without. That is the scariest thought, I just wish once they’re stabilized on meds, it was not a daily continual ritual. I just wish there was another way, instead of popping a pill everyday for the rest of his life.

You know, I hate meds of all types, I don’t even like taking Advil or aspirin or anything for the cold. I just weather it out.

I hope she can win the fight, I can’t help but think once it’s all out of her system, she’d be cleaner and more “normal”.

Every single article I’m reading on AP’s, it’s not good. There are people on the FB sz support group who relay their loved ones experiences from long term use of AP’s, and it really petrifies me.

I know I need something for anxiety, but I’m fighting until the bitter end. I will not do Zanax or sleeping pills or any anti-depressants. Never. I got herbal teas and a nightly routine to try to help me sleep better.

Sending lots of well wishes for your loved one.

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What is he on now mbheart?
Mbheart have you ever tried Gaba for really bad anxiety attacks or “rescue me remedy” spray?

He is currently on 7.5mg of Zyprexa. He was originally on 15 mg. I had to fight like hell to get that reduced! All he was doing was sleeping on 15 mg. Just tranquilized him. I hate it. I hate what it does to him, and no, I have zero desire to find the right “cocktail” of meds for my son. They all do damage.

My son’s psychiatrist suggested GABA too, she knows how anti-med I am. She also suggested magnesium.

My soothing teas are ok, but I just need more sleep.

For him she suggested foods with lots of Omega3’s. I make a lot of fish for my son, and made some healthy changes in his diet

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I love magnesium citrate in powder form
I never slept better because of it!
I highly recommend that one times a million
More than gaba
Gaba should be extra if magnesium doesn’t help!
Congratulations on your reduction on zyprexa!
How is he doing on that?
Any delusions or hallucinations

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Thought I’d share best types of magnesium

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