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Update on hb and Sarcosine/NAC

Well he’s been taking Sarcosine for just over 3 weeks and have found its best for him to take 1g in the morning and another 3/4g around 2:00. I have noticed a shift in moods for sure and depending on the day it’s a little easier to get him motivated to get things done. We added NAC last week and he slept a lot for a few days but had a really good day yesterday energy wise, mood and motivation. I’m not noticing the anger as much. It’s definitely a work in progress with my help. I also received the book Complete Family Guide To Schizophrenia yesterday. It has great information and is helping me understand more about what he’s dealing with and how I can help him with problem solving and other challenges. I have also found the food we eat is important for how he feels. Garbage in garbage out. I’m working on healthier meals and a regular schedule. Anyway. This has been our experience so far since adding Sarcosine, NAC and B Complex. Thank you to this site for the abundant information to helps us cope with this illness.
Happy Sunday to all!


Thanks for the update. Always great to hear about people moving in a good direction!