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An update for all!

My gf Maria has been on antipsychotics for nearly 17years
She was on the highest dose of invega
A cocktail of every pharmaceutical you can imagine
Anti depressants anti anxiety
ADHD medication
Sleeping medication
She got off all of them and is not on 78mg of invega in which we’ve been reducing gradually for the past 2 years!
She is doing amazing!
But there are lots of withdrawals coming with it!
It’s very crazy
But let me tell you that we are going about it in every way possible!
Tons of CBD
Sarcosine NAC Acetyl l carnitine b complex for the b 3
Gaba magnesium lthenine
Chi ese medicine
Adaptogenic mushrooms
Spirituality meditation
Support groups for trauma therapy and anger management
Hikes Nature
Good fruits and veggies
Going out to the sun
She recently just got her 2nd dose of invega since reduction
Lots of sweat
Her legs are restless
I help her with massage therapy
We use chamomile valerian root
Calming teas
If it were up to us we’d be doing ancupuntura…
But no money…
CBD is really the king pin med along with the amino acids…
We hope it will become somewhat easier with her akathisia once she gets off her anti psychotic …
Mostly good days we’ve been having…


@TheSunshineMaras Good to hear your gf is doing so well! Do you mind sharing how much cbd oil she takes and what brand?

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@TheSunshineMaras That’s amazing! So good to hear. I will keep a copy of all the things you are doing should we need it going forward. Thanks!

We live in Santa Cruz
But we make sure that the Cbd has thc in it since it helps synergistically boost the cbd in it
Not too much thc…

We are honestly using a lot of oil
Potentially spending about 200-400$ a month on cbd…
That may be overkill…but it’s worth it
We figure that once she detoxes and gets through the withdrawal
She can have much less CBD…
Depending on the serverity of what you are dealing with
Maybe due to fear we use more Cbd than needed …
GABA is an amazing supplement along with chamomile tincture ,skullcap tincture and valeriN ROOT TINCTURE …
It’s a play of all these medicines…
We will begin to start exercising a lot more once we get settled in to LA…

I would really avoid the hemp Cbd …
The thc Cbd works much better

@TheSunshineMaras I lived in SC! I loved it. I still visit when I can. Are you now moving to LA? What do you mean the help DBD vs the THC CBD? I thought the CBD without THC was best for people with MIs.

Also, my sons psych doc said the THC brought out MIs but the CBD may be the thing that fixes it.

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The Cbd will most likely cancel out the psychotic effects of thc
We use a very little amount of thc
Please do as you feel comfortable
It works much better for us that way where as the hemp products hardly help as much

Yes we are moving to Los Angeles back to my parents place! For support with my gf/…
She is going through what seems to be epilepsy… for psyche med withdrawal…

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By the way
I hear hemp can pick up nasty toxins if you aren’t careful…

Any cannabis is not good for anyone, especially with mental illness. It weakens your immune system. On the other hand mentally ill people have a high oxidative stress in their bodies. They need a strong immune system. Interestingly cannabis linked to schizophrenia in young people. Why would you give a drug that can cause schizophrenia to a schizophrenic?

CBD is good for schizophrenics
And we find the one with a tiny bit of thc to work more efficiently because the thc helps the canbinoid receptors bind to the cbd better…
But please feel free to do what feels right to you
It works good for us…
CBD would cancel any negative psychosis the supposed thc would give anyway…
CBD is the main topic here.

CBD is an immune modulator
Plus we use adaptogenic mushrooms for the immune system too…
We are not compromising the immune system one bit

Kundalini yoga is amazing for oxidative stress!

Just an update it was sever akathisia which Benadryl worked miracles for…

Great to hear the Benadryl was effective! I had already purchased a hemp cbd before you posted about it. It does have some thc. My son took 20 mg at first and he said it made him feel better. Another day he took 80 mg at once and seemed more agitated/irritable. He does not take an antipsychotic regularly. I was wondering what mg dose your gf finds effective and what symptoms does it relieve?

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Don’t know where my replies went. Anyway, the scientific studies determined 4 mechanisms of immunosuppression. Cb2 receptors are expressed on all immune cells and plant cannabinoids cause their elimination. " The precise mechanisms through which cannabinoids mediate immunosuppression is only now beginning to be understood and can be broadly categorized into four pathways: apoptosis, inhibition of proliferation, suppression of cytokine and chemokine production and induction of T regulatory cells (T regs)."

It is not good as studies show.
“Odds ratios for psychotic outcomes among frequent cannabis users compared with non-users were 3.7”. it means users have 3.7 times more psychosic breaks than non users. How can it be good?

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