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Has anyone tried CBD Oil?

I know that THC is not good for people with sz. and you can get CBD oil without the THC. I saw on this site that they had a few people noted success with the CBD oil. Has anyone else tried this? I’m in CO so I can get some just down the street.

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As much as this has been hyped, I’ve never heard anything good about it for positive symptoms, even anecdotally.

But I do know that they are using the CBD only oil for certain types of seizures and that some mood stabilizers started out as seizure meds, so maybe that’s where the idea comes from?

For anxiety, l-theanine works pretty well for some and is OTC at vitamin stores.

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It is very calming as an adjunctive therapy. my son has used it in oil form and there is an immediate effect of calm. There are different grades. He has used a medium grade, though not regularly. We are still having much success on vegan, gluten free diet.
My son does smoke marijuana and I am in regular discussions about getting proportionately higher CBD than THC. We check out to see what the strain is purporting to do, such as good for depression, anxiety etc. We are in MA where it is legal, but really no dispensaries yet. In OR we were able to buy very high proportion of CBD to THC. He is at least aware of the dangers of THC. When I know he is going into a stressful situation i tend to make him a smoothie or warm almond milk drink that is fortified with cbd oil, L-Theanine, lionsmane, sarcozine, or vitamin D3, or lemon balm, All are calming. I put in maybe up to 3 of the above with fruit etc. Not very scientific, but so far so good.
This weekend my son came to a party with over 200 people there. He had known the hosts as a child and did amazingly well with old aquaintances. We continue to be hopeful.


@presence I’m doing the gluten free diet as well. We’re at the beginning and I can’t control all the wheat we have in the house but it seems that he is eating the meals I have made that are gf and the pizzas and the soups. I found some great bread called outside the breadbox. Great news about your son being able to attend that party! Good idea about the drinks. My son won’t take any meds or supplements so that would be a good way to get some in him.

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@Hereandhere Thanks for the info on the anxiety vitamins. I have yet to get any down him but I think he may be willing to take the CBD oil. Out here in CO they say it’s good for everything it seems. I am taking some but it’s 50:50 and I don’t like the THC part so I’m going to pay a bit more to get just the CBD.

Trouble is that the studies that were positive are at doses that would be extremely expensive - like $100s of dollars a day - so it probably isn’t feasible to even duplicate the studies without a lot of money.

Also - read up here:

I heard it is good for dry cracked feet…

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DianeR Thanks for the note. I’m hoping that these things can be useful to you and your son. My relationship with my son has completely changed over the past two months - for the better. Sometimes he says no to the drinks, but later I have been able to ask and get an affirmative answer. It helps so much that my anxiety is no longer there. If he says no to one thing, I realize I can try some tea, or add it to our dinner later. He does know about the supplements It has helped to let him know that so many of them are amino acids. Sincere best wishes.

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@presence - Yes - these are all very helpful for me. I’m researching the herbs you mentioned you put in the smoothies. Thanks!!

L-theanine is to green tea what CBD is to marijuana, a chemical constituent of a plant extracted and concentrated. Not only can it be calming (no caffeine), some people report that it reduces positive symptoms:

basic wikipedia:

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ah - thank you! Do you get it at the natural food store? I have to find it in powder as he’s not willing to take supplements.

Yes, the natural food store. It’s a powder in capsules. So it must come in a powder as well or you could just open a capsule or two.

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Yup - that will work. I have to keep trying : ) He’s so odd. Runs away whenever I or my BF enter a room. He has his schedule so he stays in his room when we are there. I had to return home yesterday and he almost bolted out the door while I was in the kitchen then as I was going out he ran back in and (for the most part) slammed the door. He must be hallucinating things around me when he sees me.


My son takes 2 antipsychotics but still has depression and a host of negative symptoms. He felt like the CBD oil helped a little. He felt like it lifted the heaviness in him and some depression. His experience was good.


This is very inspirational. I am vegetarian, mostly vegan so my son is familiar with what I eat and he likes it, but left to his own devices he will eat very poorly. I have bought and want to try again the supplements you mentioned but at the time he said he didn’t want any more pills. I am going to try again - can you give me any more info about brands, doses, how you encourage your son - for example will he cook or do you do all the prep work? Do you have other family members and are they supportive? You rock! I really want to try this again.

Just click on this link - its a search on the Google shopping search engine:

You can also buy Matcha green tea - its green tea in powdered form - so stronger. my son likes it, I like it, my husband even finds it soothing. Apparently the matcha is the equivalent of 5 green tea cups. not sure how that compares with a 200mg capsule of l-theanine.

Lioness - Thanks for asking. We are doing gluten free, vegan. i think in our case the gluten free, casein free is the most important part. But son, Jack wants to be vegan and gluten free. i join him in everything he takes. I make enough for both of us, and sometimes for for my husband who is very patient with us, and often wants meat etc.
We also work with an ayurvedic practitioner who provides a super food for Vata body type: wheat grass, dashamoola, spirulina, chlorella, Ashwaganda, beet root powder, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, kelp, stevia.
adrenal tea - to lower stres, non-stimulationg energizer, adrenal support with: Ashwagandha root, Eleutero, licorice root, cinnamon bark, cardamon seed, ginger root.
brain and memory tonic to improve cognitive function and mood: called saraswati chuma - don’t know what’s in it. jack doesn’t take it regularly.
he also gave us a Vata seasoning to put in almost any food:
coriander, cumin, turmeric, fennel seeds, ginger, cinnamon,ajwan, asafetida, himalayan pink salt.
We have a digestive powder - jack doesn’t take and a powder to mix with raw honey for Jack’s asthma.
Other than that I keep adding to the L-theanine - 200 mg capsule - I empty it to put in smoothie, tea, food, and the sarcozine (it comes with a tiny measurer - 2 of these sometimes can be too much - can make Jack a little hyper).
Niacin- have used flush with some non-flush - cause flushing bothers Jack some. about 900mg - not the huge amount suggested.
A good natural mega vitamin - not every day
A good Vitamin B complex - not everyday - sometimes I double the dose.
fish oil -higher EPA than DHA with omga 3 - now using Wild alaskan Fish Oil liquid 250mg.
Lions Mane mushroom powder - full spectrum - both the mycelium and the fruit body. I’m using Mushroom Harvest - found on the internet. 1tsp a day. it tastes like mild chocolate.
We also use cacao nibs.
The ayurvedic practioner was concerned that Jack needs more oils for brain functioning so “Drop of Sunshine” 5000 iu of D3 - not everyday.
We use avocodo, flax, sesame, tahini in foods, oils and seeds.
Buying turmeric in vegetable aisle of grocer, add it to almond milk - grind in high powered blender and add raw honey - heat. Great soother.
I’ve been making my own nut butters which are very rich omega 3s.
i get at least 3 to 5 of the above into jack each day.
Also have just added NAC- another amino acid emptying it out into drinks etc.
lots of brown basmati rice, beans and vegetables with different sauces, curries, etc.
everything is to sooth and lower inflamation.
I do work, but come home for a few hours in afternoon, then go back to work.
this is probably way too much info - but hey - maybe it will be of use.
Best wishes to you.

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Thank you very much! No such thing as too much information! I did mention to my son, in the car, what you were doing. He was interested. He’s in a different place now so I think it may be a good time to introduce some of these ideas again. I have a son that’s 19, very close to the age my oldest one was when he first started to show symptoms and I am finding myself becoming panicked. I want to start slipping him some fish oils too - as a preventative. I printed this out and I’m going to see what I have, what is expired and what we can start with again. Thank you again for sharing.