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An Update - My Son is Doing Better, The Rest of My Life is Falling Apart

Losing a pet can be very painful, you shouldn’t consider it out of place to be upset about that prospect. Glad your son continues to do well with the Clozapine, especially at such a conservative dose. My son, for whatever reason, has lost weight on Clozapine - down to the 220’s from the 280’s - maybe more, he wouldn’t get on the scale last pdoc visit.


We have a fat beagle/basset mix, but the coloring of his face and body are eerily similar! I did a double take when I saw this pic!

This is a slimming pic of our beagle Skipper. But he’s a chunker, for sure. He will even eat the cat’s food if I forget to put his bowl up high out of Skip’s reach. I’m sure your beagle/basset mix is equally food obsessed. They are a great distraction, though, from whatever else is going on at home.


So glad to hear that your son is doing better. My son is doing better as well, after a terrifying relapse this past winter. I was so afraid that he would not come back but he has and I’m so grateful. He takes Zyprexa and has also gained weight but doesn’t seem too upset about it. As for your dog, our animals give us a great gift - they make it possible for us to grieve for all the sad and tragic things that have happened in our lives that we haven’t fully grieved before. We lost a beloved Snowshoe Siamese cat this past spring and it’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen my husband cry. We were both heartbroken but I have no trouble weeping and am doing so as I type. We miss that kitty so much. We had a little ceremony and buried him in the garden with a gravestone that I’d ordered online. My husband sobbed and sobbed and didn’t feel foolish or ashamed - it made me realize how much pain he has stored up inside. As we get older and our priorities change, showing our feelings is not so difficult as it was when we were younger and thought we had to be brave and stoic.You sit there waiting for the next thing to happen. We did end up getting another kitty - a beautiful purebred Siamese just a year old, who neighbors had found wandering in the woods - they advertised her but nobody responded. They had two big dogs that wanted to eat her for dinner so asked if we could take her. She is sweet and loving and full of it - so much fun and she eases the heartache of losing the other kitty. It’s not disloyal to your dog if you get another after he is gone, it’s a tribute to him and to how you loved him and he loved you. My heart goes out to you and your sweet pup. Difficult things always come in bunches, don’t they?