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Taking care of my sick brother


It’s kind of hard to know when he will be moving out. He broke his foot and is going through a divorce. The rest of my family has unowned him and he has no place to go. He should be getting workman’s comp soon so it’s not like he’s not helping. Once he gets paid he is going to give me some money. I just have trouble feeding us all and keeping him in cigarettes. I want to stop smoking but it’s impossible while he’s smoking in the house.? What do you think? Should I let him go somewhere else?


I don’t think you should kick your brother out where will he go?


Exactly. I guess he will have to stay. It’s just hard because I hardly have the resources to support him.


Can you limit the amount of cigarettes he gets or give him cheaper hand rolling tobacco?


aww, it’ll be o k. I get paid thursday. it’s just the end of the pay period and that means being low on cash. I guess I’m just whining.


I’d say let your brother stay… things will work out…

but it is your house… If I was quitting smoking… I’d ask him to smoke outside or near an open window.

It’s a little odd that now that I quit smoking… cigarette smoke bothers me so much more then then it does my Gf who never smoked.


I’d say he’s taking advantage a little bit, expecting you to purchase cigarettes for him, especially if you are trying to quit!


yes @Vallpen kind of? he also does all his family’s laundry here and that kind of pissed me off. I don’t mind him doing his own laundry but our washer and dryer are kind of old and I didn’t like that.


Up here in Canada there’s a pretty lucrative cigarette underground market. I get 200 smokes for $15.00 off of my connection. They’re native butts…legal to sell on the Reserve, but illegal to sell off of the Reserve.

Stick it out with your Bro. Sounds like he’s about to land a paycheck soon. Blood is thicker than water…etc. Never burn a bridge. He might come back some day and save you when you’re down on your luck.


thanks Patrick. I feel it’s my “christian duty” to take care of him actually? you are supposed to take care of the sick, it’s in the book of Revelations.


Yes, I’d say stick it out, but join forces with him - let him know what you can and can’t do for him, and figure out how he can help right now to make this current situation work.


He’s your brother, it’s good that you’re helping him out. He can smoke outside if it’s bothering you. When i first got psychotic, i stayed at my sister, she did my laundry and helped me out and my dad bought all my cigarettes. Once i got my health back i bought everyone lots of presents. You should not expect anything in return, consider it helping someone in need.


Jukebox, I think your being really good

Kate xxx


@waterway yes I think you are right. If he stays all next month he offered to pay me, I didn’t ask for money but it will help with expenses…any money he gives me I’m using that to pay for his cigs and food. So I am not really “getting any money” from him if he pays me?

@katey1234 that’s sweet to say, thank you.


yeah you don’t really have to get money from him. If you can barely afford yourself I understand but families should help each other out during tough times without hesitation and without expecting anything in return.


You deserve a lot of credit for taking care of your brother. Maybe you could go to other members of your family to get a little financial help taking care of him.


Yes, it’s really good of you.

Mention to other family members that food and cigarettes for your brother would be welcome… If I were in your situation, I would ask (without expecting anything).


Just say a little help from other family members would be appreciated. Certainly they can understand.


Families take care of each other. You never know but in the future you may need his help badly. What goes around comes around. My sisters always tell me not to burn any bridges.


I’m glad you’re helping your brother out. You deserve a pat on the back.

I’ll be moving closer to my brother, so I can help with the baby that is coming, and to finish school. He will probably help me too when I get stressed.