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Anosognosia ... Is Present

How do I get my ex-husband help to seek treatment? And I’ve read “I am not sick and I don’t need help” Xavier Amador … and to no avail… I am still at a loss for direction/support groups for this 20+ yr illness…

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Take him to a psychiatrist. Explain to him what you think. Or tell him to go to a psychiatrist with you for you, but make the appointment for him. Honesty and prevarication is what will take to get them help. I don’t think there is a line in between. Do one, and they hate you because they don’t want to hear one. Do the other, and they hate you because you tricked them. Either way they need to see a doctor, so just keep in mind that you’re doing it for his health, your health, and the safety of your family life and a happy and stabilized marriage.


Agree totally with doctor, we had to “force” our son to get help, he still doesn’t think he is ill. It took us a couple of years to get to that point from my appointment with our family doctor.

As said it’s for him, you and for the quality of lives here.
I kept a list and a timeline of things my son said and did and a diary and told it all to the dr and psychiatrists, yes it feels awful to do it but it’s necessary when they have no insight.
Thinking of you.


I can’t find one either. I did see on this site a posting for They don’t have many states listed with resources, just a few. They do have excellent advice on what you would need for guardianship, etc. if that’s your goal with your ex-husband.

I took comfort in these words from Step 1 of their advice “lacks the ability to meet essential requirements for physical health, safety, or self care”. The rest of their steps are quite specific.

You might want to check it out. I was hoping they had a support group for caregivers of people who are suffering from scz but are not medicated due to anosognosia.