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Spouse not taking meds


My husband (and step-father to my two children) stopped taking his meds 5 months ago. He has become increasingly paranoid, easily agitated, and argumentative. More and more frequently, these outbursts are directed at my children for not agreeing with his delusional thinking and conspiracy theories. I have tried to talk to him about seeing his doctor and getting back on his medication or reaching out to a support group because he says I just don’t understand, but he refuses to do anything. I am at my wits end. I love him deeply but my first priority is the safety and mental well-being of my kids. I’m afraid if I can’t get him help soon, I will be forced to leave him and he will end up homeless. Does anyone have any suggsetions on how to get him help?


Nobody has answered you and to be honest I don’t have much experience with this. There are some threads about “anosognosia”. This is usually about persuading him he needs help with symptoms, feelings etc, rather than a full-on direct approach about the underlying illness, which he may deny or be unable to recognize.

If you do a search on the forum for anosognosia, you should find some helpful ideas about how to help him without going the police/homeless route.

Sorry you didn’t get an answer for so long.



Sorry for my slow response.

I recommend you watch the series of videos (and read his book) by Xavier Amador. See below:


The book is:


I think it’s okay to let go. We don’t control other people’s lives. We can do our best. Where we live, individuals experiencing homelessness have better access to social services, so maybe that’s true where you live too.

The moment any adult directs outbursts at children, the children are a priority over that person.

When I was little kid, my mother (bipolar one) beat me up badly during one of her psychotic breaks. I didn’t respond to this post because I have zero family member with sz advice; this is entering into abuse territory (which is not part of SMI and I only write that because of the massive stigma still associated with SMI). @ldemarais1970, I’m sorry you’re going through this and I know of no advice or any resources for you besides what you are already doing, prioritizing your children.

Contact your husband’s family and let them know what’s happening if that feels alright?

Best to you and your children.


@ldemarais1970, I am very sorry that you and the kids have to go through this with your MI husband. My loved one is scz and I can relate to the outbursts and delusions. If you think that you or your children are in any danger from your husband, please don’t hassitate to call CIT to come to your home to evaluate your husband. If they feel he is a harm to himself or others, they will section him to go to the hospital. I know a lot of people are against having their loved one admitted against their will, but it’s for your safety and his. My love one have lack of insight of his illness and has been in and out of the hospital 3 times. On this last hospital stay, He stayed in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. He was released on April 19 and has been taking his medication and going to the doctor every since then. He was on the Invega Shots, but he didnt like how it makes him feel, so now he’s back on Rispedone 3 mg at night. He still has lack of insight on the sczo. He said “he’s not schizophrenia”, but he said “I am Bipolar”, so “I will take the medication”. I don’t know what it will take for your husband to seek treatment, but Just know you are not along and we are here. We may not answer right away, but someone will respond to your post with some great advices. Take care and be blessed🙏🏽


My husband made a doctor appointment but he couldn’t get one until mid July. However, he has sunk into a deep depression and feels his life is hopeless. He hasn’t mentioned suicide but with each passing day I feel that he is sinking to that level of despair. He says his life has always been worthless. He often says he should have been aborted. He was adopted as an infant to a mother who became alcoholic and a father who was in the Navy and away more than he was home. He has little to no relationship with them or anyone other than me and my kids. Although he made this appointment, I’m not confident he will go or take the meds that he is prescribed if he does go. He refuses to reach out to any type of support group. Sometimes I get so angry and feel like he uses his circumstances as an excuse to be the victim. I know it is a disease but I can’t help him if won’t take the help that is offered. Thanks. I really just needed to vent my frustration with all of this.


I watched the video mentioned is the reply here and it was very helpful. My son is also refusing meds and delusional, paranoid and is leaving for Copenhagen on Friday to tell them how he’s poisoned here. Although I haven’t been able to change his mind, our communication is much better and I’m praying for a miracle. Hope this storm passes soon for you !