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Anosognosia - YouTube


Published on Apr 30, 2012
The inability to recognize one’s own illness is the leading reason that people with severe mental illness do not adhere to treatment. In this video, learn about the condition, see how it looks and hear what is needed.


**We can`t get what is needed.
I wish I knew what was going on these days…


I feel very fortunate that I have a little control of myself - it’s not like normies, but it’s some.


The problem with not recognizing your own illness and adhering to treatment is that you have to trust the word of others over your own “knowledge”. This is something you never do in any other circumstance, especially if you’re a skeptical person. At what point is one suppose to say to themselves “my reality isn’t real, everyone else is correct, not me”.

While I can look back at a few isolated instances where I was clearly not thinking correctly, I still struggle with admitting to this when it comes to a lot of other things I’ve experienced. Trusting what others tell me over what I know to be true just isn’t something I’m inclined to do.