Another hospitalization

I posted my son was doing great, taking meds etc. well my husband and I went away. He didn’t even make it one week. He stopped taking his meds and was hospitalized. I had people coming in to check on him. Even missing one day of meds , makes him go downhill quickly. Makes me so sad.


Sorry, I know…so.sad…im usually sad now…i dont see much happy in my eyes.
Mine had been in hoosital 9 times before 22 as he refused meds. Finally taking…it takes him about 3 weeks to be out of it…he stopped in november, for 6 weeks, and became suicidal…luckily he listened to psych and started again…he wont take on his own…i have to take to him and bring him water and wait ao he really takes them…


My son was like that for years- finally after the last hospitalization after he came out of the icu for alcohol poisoning he connect taking meds with relief from voices… he is 32 diagnosed at 24… it takes time and luck


Oh gosh @Shallcro , I am so sorry that your son had a relapse. How is he now?

He is doing better. Back on meds. Saddens me we can’t even go away. He is getting enrolled with the ACT program. Hopefully this works for him and us.


I do hope that things continue to improve for you @Shallcro , @Jeannet and @C11 . I still take my daughter monthly for her shot. She would never have agreed to or stayed on pills. A year ago she asked her psychiatrist to be switched off of the shot onto pills and the psychiatrist said no (thankfully).

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Thank you for your kind words. So far so good with my son and pills. He says that This new prescription- haldol has given him the most relief from voices he has had since being diagnosed 8 years ago. He has been thru 5 or 6 new gen drugs and almost died 2xs from going off drugs relapsing etc. this last time he was in the icu intubated with a blood alcohol level 5 xs the legal limit. Oddly enuf his best friend from high school went off his meds and that has scared my son. Odk how long it will last this time. One day at a time.


What is ACT program? I mne help with programs.

If.u r meaning my son…he is a bit better, as taking meds…but so addicted to video games and socializing with other gaming and spending money for video gold and is breaking us, stealing credit card numbers, in a catch 22, as if i turn him to jail, no ssi, and i cant support him alone , and dont know what to do…looked for groups

I understand @c11 how financially straining it is to support an ill son. It was so tough for me with my daughter during the first years of her illness. ACT is Assertive Community Treatment, not all areas have programs like that. Trying to help a loved one is like waging a war, there are many battles, some wins and some losses. But you have to keep trying.

Haldo @Jeannet was my daughter’s 3rd and 5th drug. She wouldn’t stay on the pills, but the injection is what has saved us. I am glad that your son is doing better.