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Any experience with haloperidol / haldol?


Our 25 year old son is now on halperidol and serequeol for a few days. I realize it will take a few weeks to see the benefits but his rapid speak in the middle of the night makes me feel horrible for everything that he’s going through. Advice? Thank you :slight_smile:


I wish I had experience with those two drugs but I don’t. I know it’s hard to wait this out. I’m into the 4th week of my 24 year old son on medication, Invega Sustenna, and he’s a lot better but he has quite a ways to go. I always want someone to tell me how long…but I think it’s different for every person and every drug. Wishing you the best.


Julie Ann,

Your encouragement helps; I’ve heard about Invega Sustenna a few times. What symptoms does it help most with?

Thank you,



Hi Amy,

I think it’s helping with everything to a certain degree. For sure the hallucinations and paranoia. He really is doing better every week or so but it just seems so slow right now, the improvements. He’s also taking 10 mg of olanzapine each day, so I really don’t know which one is helping what symptoms. Together they’re doing pretty good. Still the negative symptoms, doing nothing all day, hygiene, depression, etc., all seem extremely bad to me. Have another appointment in a few weeks and we’ll see if things get changed up. I don’t know how “well” to expect him to get.

How is your son doing now? I’m sorry it took so long to respond.


Hi - I recommend you do a search on the main diagnosed forum - there is lots of info on people’s experience, and news on haloperidol, also called “haldol” for short.

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