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Invega experiences

My son 31 diagnosed at 24 wants to try it. He has tried lots of new and old meds. Thoughts ?

are you talking about the shot, Invega Sustana? When @oldladyblue shows up on here, she can tell you about her daughter because I’m almost positive (without going back and looking) that her daughter is on that by court order. Maybe you can go back and read some of her posts and capture a glimmer of the help its done for her daughter.

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Hi @Pookey52 and @Jeannet . My daughter is on the Haloperidol dec shot and has been on it since Dec 2018, with very successful results. I knew that that medicine worked for her from a prior shot given when involuntarily confined in a hospital that I was able to get the records release for. Prior to that shot, no medicine worked that was a pill, as she wouldn’t believe she needed medicine of any type. In Dec 2018 she was arrested and I was able to speak to the judge and the hospital and request the medicine that worked previously be given her. She was forced to stay on it until the court order expired (in only 2 more months) and she has stayed on it since. There were many other medicines tried over the years she was ill, but this injection is a wonderful solution for her.


@Jeannet Has he been on Clozapine before? Or Fluphenazine? I think Prolixin is a long acting injectable that is now generic Fluphenazine. And that Invega Sustana is supposedly a better long acting anti-psych than Prolixin.

He has been on risperidone for 2 years quit due to his reaction- Abilify- bad reaction , vrylar now haldol w I h he says has given him the most relief so far I this 6 years of trial and error… he has said he wants the shot for stability- I obviously support that. Just gathering data knowing that everyone’s body chemistry varies.

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My son had really bad reactions with abilify, risperidone, prozac and seroquel. Then there is a long list of meds that had no affect at all - he is highly resistant to many meds that offer others some sense of relief.

I sure wish that medicine research would find out why there is resistance to meds for sz. It is so sad that this is such a trial and error method of finding relief.


Hope this helps. My son’s 45 years old. We had to go to the justice of the peace to get a court order to have him picked up and brought to the hospital. For the first 3 times he was good for up to a year. After his fourth time he started off with 150mg invega sustaina once a month then he went to 100mg once a month . Now he’s on 75mg invega trensa every three months with 30mg abilify daily. Its been about two years now and he is doing really well. He still doesn’t want to take the depot but so far so good. I still worry and stress every day that he will stop. It’s not easy dealing with this illness you have to be strong and you will when needed. Thinking of you and all the support given at this forum
PS my writing isn’t the best