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Any success stories? Even small wins


Website isn’t even that slick - multiple spelling and grammatical errors!


What this really shows too is how desperate we all are to help people we love get through these illnesses.

Our family’s current success story is based in medical and psychosocial treatment per evidence-based treatment guidelines here in the US. Things are going really well now, so much less distress for beloved family member, though I know there is no cure. Yet?


I consider myself a success story. My story is a very sad one, full of many years of suffering, but now the suffering turned into joy. I am willing to share what I have learned along the way, because I think that everyone deserves a new chance at life. That is why I am writing this post. There is life beyond schizo. Hard to notice it though through all the darkness we had to go through. Thank you for this opportunity!


@BlueSolarWater - At the beginning did you accept your illness? Is there any advice you can give to us with loved ones who do not have insight about thier illness?


Thank you!

How did you get through the darkness?


Hi DianeR and Hereandhere. Accept it for now. The way out is by actively searching for the way out, with all heart. The person needs to realize some things. Prayer is needed ! Also friends/family which will stay and help. Also accept with blessings and gratitude whatever shows up in your life, good or bad. Realize that there is nothing outside, only inside. Accept the medication because if you don’t there will be side effects. Expect that this is a temporary phase and that you will be sane again (this is a tough one).
If you have loved ones that have passed away go and pray there also. During each thought that scares you drink water. The more you drink the better. Remember toilet breaks. Wash feet and legs each morning and put any kind of oil(cooking, essential etc) at the wrists. If possible do this before starting your day. Accept with thanks any blessings anything new in your life, also be thankful for any part of you that is free from illness. Don’t start with all steps at once because you will stumble. Try to do the feet 1st, then add something new each 2-3 days. Also have compassion for people arround you and try to find love for them if you can.


@BlueSolarWater - Thank you very much. This is very helpful!


you’re welcome! While healing, stay alert for scam calls. Calls from unknown good people will not happen at this stage.


Dear Administrator,

My son had the surgery on January 9. Schizophrenia is gone forever. He felt the difference 4 hours right after the surgery. It is amazing what this doctor does. My son need only 100 mg of quetiapina to help him sleep. He can have a normal conversation, he is not lacked of emotions, and he does not have any depression or anxiety. I wished all of these people with this terrible sickness had the chance to live a normal life. This doctor has 42 year of experience and people from around the world go to Guayaquil, Ecuador to get cured.

I just wanted to let you know this important fact that had surprised his doctor and nurses in USA, they can’t believe how he can smile and have a conversation with them. They even want to present him to the other doctors of this mental health clinic.

Best regards,

Zuly Zappala (Gigi)


Gigi - Schizophrenia is an episodic illness - it comes and goes in terms of its severity over a period of months - so your son may just be in the normal cycle of lesser symptoms. The medication he is still taking is an antipsychotic so he’s still on his medications. Only time (years of seeing how your son does) will tell if this surgery did anything of any value - and a sample size of “1” is useless from a predictive standpoint.

I hope you son does well, but there is no evidence that this surgery does anything other than make the doctor a richer person.


In USA there is no cure yet but There is cure to schizophrenia in Guayaquil, Ecuador by Dr. Jose Mackliff, my son got cured with a surgery in Ecuador and I saw other cases. People from everywhere in the world go there since he is the only one who does it. My son had the surgery in January 9 of this year and you can see the difference already.


I am highly skeptical of this treatment. As the Admin says, sz is cyclical. It’s only been 1 month since he’s had the surgery. That said, I how he continues to improve with the medication.


@Gigi - Great news! Please keep us posted on your son.