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Any thoughts on this medication

I’m posting in hopes to get help for my mother law whose diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic
She takes :clonazepam 1mg -1/2 pill night
Olanzapine(ziprexa) 20mg -1x a night.
Risperidone 4mg 2x daily- one in morning and one in evening.
She goes in Monday to see the dr and everytime she goes in by herself and just tells her dr she is fine . Things have truly regressed in the last year. But she has been on almost the same routine just different brands of medication.
She’s more repetitive and emotional then ever before , you can’t hold a conversation with her whatsoever . She talks to herself or just says the same thing over and over again. She cannot take care of herself very well . She is very hard to direct on daily tasks such as dishes ,sweeping, laundry etc . It’s like she forgot how to do them and sometimes it just feels like she’s intentionally just being lazy . We are very desperate for input .
My mother in law is 57 years old . And hopefully has a lot of life yet and we just want to make things more manageable for everyone .

Your mother-in-law’s doctor clearly should not be relying solely on what information is being reported by your MIL. You all need to contact the doctor, by whatever means, and tell the reality of her mental state. HIPAA laws cannot prevent you from sharing information.

You mentioned in a previous thread that your MiL does not eat and she is “wasting away” to a dangerous weight. That to me sounds like she is “a danger to self”. This is the grounds for involuntary hospitalization.


Hello Ali,
You should really talk to your MIL doctor and express your concerns. Doctors are one of the ways you can get help for your loved one.
It is very hard to be self controlled and understanding and I admire you for reaching out. If the parents are on financial aid, (or you can afford it) you may be able to talk the social worker about getting a caregiver.
Talk to the husband about what he feels about the situation. I can tell by your posts that you really want to help, but you need to be on the page with the rest of your family members. If you all decide that this is a crisis situation: “a danger to herself or others” Contact the local police, ER mental health, hotline, you need to be insistent that your MIL is having a crisis.
It’s really hard to get help, there is not enough intervention for the MI, most of the time it has to be a crisis or emergency.
Take care and always be careful, AnnieNorCal


I don’t think it’s because she’s being lazy.
Among the negative symptoms of schizophrenia are:

  • Aboulia is the lack of will rather than motivation, a subtle difference but one which may be defined as a more severe form of apathy .
  • Anhedonia is the inability to feel pleasure, the symptom of which can lead to lack of motivation (rather than the other way around).