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Here we go again!

So this morning my sister woke up sending my mom, my dad and myself messages saying to leave the house and that we are fakes because we aren’t her family. I don’t understand how she is having those outrageous delusions when we treat her so nicely and take care of her every single day. This is possibly the worst delusion anyone can have. I’m having trouble coping with this, has anyone experienced anything similar?

I have had this with my son. He thought that we were trying to kill him. Mainly with poison. You need to get her seen by a medical professional because this is the start of a downward spiral. I hope you and your family are ok.

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She was hospitalized on May, she is being seen by a psychiatrist and is drinking 3 medications: Abilify 2mg with klonopin and Trileptal. I think the abilify is too little because it seems as it isn’t working. Her delusions still persist and she gets aggressive with us at times to the point we have to sleep every night with our doors locked because she has attacked us before she was hospitalized. How is your son doing now by the way?

Its still always up and down with him. You saying about locking your doors while you sleep myself and my husband sleep in shifts when my son is having an episode. Both our experiences seem very similar. Also my sons medications are always needing tweaking. He has an injection once a month because of trouble with him taking his meds. Its a hard slog. All we can do is hang in there for them.

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Makes me feel better knowing someone is going through a similar situation although it’s unfortunate and I wish no one would have to go through this. My sister recently got prescribed a higher dose so hopefully this will help her a little more. I wish the best for you and your family and I hope your son improves.

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