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Anybody else Concerned about health care services?

I’m by no means an Obamacare fan bc I’m unemployed and can’t work and am waiting for disability decision and they want me to pay $640/mth! Uh, hello! I don’t have any income!

However, my son is covered due to his sz and bpd. Does anyone know if Trumps repeal and replace will eliminate or reduce coverage for the mentally ill?

The GOP bill will eliminate or massively reduce coverage for mental illness. Only very wealthy people will be able to find and buy insurance that covers mental illness since parity is being taken away.

They are also cutting Medicaid, which is a main source of insurance for all people with disabilities, not just mental illness.

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I am extremely concerned.

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This is really concerning to me!! Do you know of a place where I can read anything about this? I probably shouldn’t bc it would just upset me! But I feel like I need to be prepared! Even though I clearly can’t change anything and need to just trust in God’s promise that He will take care of our every need! I’m such a worrier though!! Ugh!! :expressionless:

My son just got Medicaid so that he can get into the intensive community treatment program we have here.

When he did, his case manager expected me to drop him from the private insurance we have him on through my work.

I was like nope - how can I depend on that to be there? And, how will I know if I will be able to get him back on my insurance as a disabled dependent if I ever take him off?

I think before Obamacare, we had mental health treatment, but it was limited to 26 total visits a year (psychiatrist & therapists combined) plus there was no cap on how much we would pay a year, and it may not have counted towards our deductible. I can’t remember what the hospitalization was like, but I’m sure it wasn’t as good as now.

Maybe limited to a number of days per year?

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The current plan that is on the table does not require insurance companies to offer mental health care services in their plan. So, if you’re an insurance executive trying to increase profits, you’re not going to provide anything that isn’t mandated by law. If this plan passes (vote was cancelled today), it will mean significant difficulty for those requiring MH care. At this point 40% of US psychiatrists do not accept insurance at all so when insurance companies no longer cover MH care, nearly all Psychiatric care will be out of pocket unless the person is on Medicaid. It’s very concerning!! My son is currently on our insurance plan which includes psychiatric care. Once he ages out, Im not sure what will happen.

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@TAG - My son is 27 and I’ve been able to keep him on my insurance even after he aged out as a disabled dependent. You should see if you have that option. I plan to keep him on that no matter what other benefits he gets as long as I can. It means he’s also covered for dental and includes life insurance.

It was a simple, one-page form for us and we have to re-do it every year or two.
I fill out the top half, the doctor fills out the bottom half. Before he had a SZ diagnosis, I would also write a page describing his symptoms, but I think SZ kind of speaks for itself.

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Can you still do that if your dependent is employed? Does he have to meet certain requirements?

They ask about employment, but I don’t know if it disqualifies them.

My son has never worked, so I don’t know what difference it would make for us.

I’d call & find out. Worst thing they can do is say no.

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