New Mental Heath Law

Can someone explain this new law about Mental illness? It’s heading to the president desk to be signed. I remember going to my local representative website asking them to vote yes. How will this new law help us as caregivers? @Hereandhere @Vallpen @Catherine

I copied and paste a little of the article below

The US Congress took steps toward passage of Mental Health Reform legislation this week. Know that every phone call you placed made a difference. Thank you for your advocacy! READ IT ALL…
Monumental: What the Cures Act Means for Severe Mental Illness

Long overdue and years in the making, an overwhelming bi-partisan majority of Congress finally passed monumental legislation to overhaul the country’s fractured mental health system. READ IT ALL…

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Where’s the link? Are you talking about Murphy’s Law? It just basically overode a part of HIPAA privacy which gives acccess to family members to gain information on the patient’s health and treatment if the doctors believe that the family members have the patient’s best interest. It overode the part that you can only get access if the patient signs release forms, now that doesn’t count for much. Which I guess can be good with those with good intentions, but my mom’s a psychopath, so I’d hate to be in that position. I understand both parties’ sentiments on this new law.

Thanks @Doctor. Here’s the link from NAMI website and I read something about changing parts of the HIPAA LAW.

Advocate for Change | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness


No problem and yes, it’s that. Thank you for the link.

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That’s a problem. Laws need to have more specific and quantitative requirements to stand up in court. I think it’s a great idea, but what one doctor “believes” may not be what the next doctor believes, and the first time someone sues, it’s either likely to be struck down, or doctors will be too afraid of a malpractice suit to believe anything.

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I agree. I would be extremely upset if they gave information to someone I believe is against me or I want no relationship with whatsoever irregardless of kinship.

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I think if someone with severe mental illness is living with you, then you should be able to know when they are scheduled to go to doctor’s appointments and how to get their medicine. Just practical stuff is impossible with current laws.


I’m glad to read that parts of the hippaa laws will be changed. I think most of us on this forum can relate when the HIPPA laws are roadblocks in helping our mentally ill loved one.

I’m embarrassed to say that I had no idea that this bill was in Congress.

I found this today from the NY Times dated December 7, 2016


It was part of 21st Century Cures, not stand alone, so they didn’t actually vote on Mental Health Law by itself but the larger bill…

So, no reason you would have known. It all happened pretty fast. There are provisions to help opioid epidemic as well.


My daughter doesn’t have a drug problem or at least I think she’s not using drugs as she has in the past. In my community I know folks with serious mental health problem who have opioid addiction problems and I’m glad that this bill will address this very serious issue. Too many of our kids are either addicted and dying from an overdose.

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