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Home healthcare?

So I posted not to long ago looking for living arrangements for a friend
He went voluntarily into a psych hospital to get his drugs regulated. He only agreed because he was told afterwards they would find him an affordable apartment etc ….well he was there for a week. He Had a cab bring him back to my place after a week because no one could give him any straight answers about this apartment that he was going to be given. Long story short it was all a big lie. All they could offer is assisted living in a group home with a shared room and even so he could not even afford that with his disability money and he also refuses to live In that type of situation so he is back at my place and we are back to square one. We are in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Does anyone have Florida Medicaid insurance ? Do you know if he could get a home health aid to check on him In Terms of taking his meds. Going to doctors appointments etc ? With the whole HIPPA law I can’t call the insurance on his behalf to get any information

Ask him if he is Willing to sign a hippa form for you to help him ?