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Anyone have experience of schizophrenia with co existing active anorexia?

I don’t know…she was anorexic in her teen years

Now again it’s active after an ongoing 7 years psychotic and drinking.
She stopped drinking and smoking 5 months ago. This seems to be a replacement

Now she does long water fasts then binges and now also purges which is new

She has no help apart from my mum.

We are self isolating and now I won’t even see her get worse!

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She said that her new haircut makes her look like a cancer patient

It’s her diet.
Should I say?

Hi three just saw this… I’ve no experience with a correlation of the two but I’ve seen both and if she’s purging it can become a pretty serious situation fairly quickly. Or it may be possible her body is rejecting food for a number of other serious medical conditions. Are you in contact with a psychiatrist? And with complete and total awareness of quarantine and it likely not a possibility right now, I’d say if it continues in the future it may be a blessing in disguise as Bulimia can be grounds for a stay at the psych hospital in and of itself. (Which circumvents any legal arrests, which I know some folks here discuss, for the same ends.) All you should have to do is get her into the ER, whenever that becomes a reality again, given quarantine and state of affairs… The doctor there can admit her to a ward, or get her the medical treatment she needs if there is in fact another medical reason for her body not retaining food.

im sorry to hear of her troubles…her pdoc (psychiatrist) should be able to help her…is she on meds…i know olanzapine (drug for schizophrenia) makes you very hungry so maybe she would eat more then…i hope things improve for her

Thank you guys.

Thank goodness that she is more okay than I thought
I saw the scales when she was on them
She is not underweight
Me so fat lately she looks tiny

Still so worrying.

Not to beat a dead horse but purging can become extremely serious very quick. The body will eventually stop being able to retain/process food. Very dangerous.
I did read your other thread and agree, you’ve a lot going on with family and self and situations but sounds like you’ve a pretty good grasp.
Dr. Xavier Amador’s book and talks were helpful for me to better understand how I could change my own responses to my sz partner having episodes unmedicated with anosognosia.