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Is there a pattern with gradual decline in amount of food eaten


I’ve posted a few questions on here regarding my wife and one thing I’ve been asked about her a few times is is she eating properly.
The answer has always been a resounding yet. She has wolfed down everything I’ve placed in front of her. Until recently, a couple of weeks ago she still ate every meal but ate less (she actually said a few weeks ago she needs to eat less so she doesn’t get fat - she only 100lb but has always been worried in case she puts on weight).
But now this last week she has occassionally missed some meals, not many, only about 2 or 3 so far, but still, that is a change.
Is this the start of a decline in eating that those of you who have already been down this path recognize?


When my son was in full psychosis he got really thin. But when he was in mild psychosis he ate but he would put together odd combinations of food.


My daughters appetite goes way down and it is as if she can’t feel hunger anymore. She loses weight like crazy and says she is fasting for God. But unlike a normal person who wants to go to the kitchen to nibble, she has no problem staying out of the kitchen. It really worries me.


My family member stopped eating when psychotic symptoms increased.