Anyone know about this book and method

I’ve been looking at a lot of information about a book called Meaningful Recovery from Schizophreniza and Serious Mental Illness with Clozapine: Hope and Help

My son has taken Clozapine for 4 years and while it has helped a lot, he still has unresolved issues including the side effects. The author, Dr Robert Laitman, says there are methods to use Clozapine more effectively.

Curious if anyone knows about this or has experience?

I recently came across this video by Dr Laitman. It may be something you could watch and share with your son’s medical provider.


Thank you for taking the time to give me this link.
Dr Laitman does seem to have studied Clozapine and it’s side effects in depth. I am looking for a good psychiatrist for my son 38 who has extensive experience with Clozapine/Schizophrenia in the Philidelphia area.
Does anyone know such a person?

If you join the facebook group, there is a link to providers who prescribe clozapine. Not all of them follow the Laitman protocol, but it’s a start.

Team Daniel and the Clozapine community: Team Daniel and the Clozapine community | Facebook

There is also a lot of information on his website:

The Laitman’s and clozapine have helped my son tremendously. He is still titrating up and making improvements on the meds, and no other antipsychotic has been effective.

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Thank you for the encouragement. My son 38 has been on clozapine 3 years. It helps him but he is unstable and hates the side effects. I was so happy to hear there are things to do for them.
We are coming back to live in the States after living in India for years. Clozapine is common here.
I am thinking about movivg to Phiadelphia as it is supposed to have good mental health policies.
He needs a doctor there who will work with him on Laitman method.
Does anyone know of one?

Here is a copy and past of the Pennsylvania doctors listed. I highly encourage you to join the facebook group because there is a LOT of information there.

Again, these are doctors who prescribe clozapine. They may not follow Laitman’s protocol. You will have to call and ask.

Pennsylvania Bethlehem 18018 Dr. Behar, Solutions Counseling & Consultation Services 35 E. Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 37 610-865-1303 Click Here for More Information

|Pennsylvania|Harrisburg|Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute - 401 Division St. (outpatient) psychiatrist: Dr. Alison Swigart; Contact lead therapist: Amanda Fooks 717-782-4349. Inpatient: 2502 North 3rd St., 717-782-6420 (Don’t know if inpatient uses clozapine.)|||2501 N. 3rd St.|717-782-2160|Click Here for More Information|||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia|Penn Psychiatry/Psychosis Evaluation & Recovery Center (|||3400 Spruce St., 10th Floor Gates Pavilion|215-662-2826|Click Here for More Information|||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia 19107|Dr. Kathleen Diller / Pennsylvania Hospital|||800 Spruce St.|||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia 19122|Dr. Ilia Nikhinson / Girard Be Well Center (Extended Acute Care)|||801 W. Girard Avenue|||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia 19125|Dr. Justin Fadin / Temple Episcopal Hospital|||100 E. Lehigh Avenue|||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia 19131|Dr. David Leach & Dr. Lazaroff / Belmont Behavioral Hospital|||4200 Monument Road|||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Philadelphia 19140|Dr. Monique Searight / WES Community Health|||1463 W. Lycomong|215-668-4158||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Pittsburg 15213|Ariel Gildengers MD psychiatrist, Americus Joe DeSantis CNRP psychiatry, Benedum Geriatric Center at University Of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC)|||3459 Fifth Ave., 4th floor|412-692-4200||||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Pittsburg 15213|UPMC Western Psychiatric - Comprehensive Recovery Service Clinic - many clozapine patients//Child Adolescents BiPolar Spectrum Services (CABS)|||3811 O’Hara St.|412-624-1000 877-624-4100|Click Here for More Information|||||||||||||||

|Pennsylvania|Seneca 16346|UPMC Northwest (Behavioral Health Unit for inpatient & extended care)|||100 Fairfield Dr.|814-676-7600|Click Here for More Information|||||||||||||||
|Pennsylvania|Upland 19103|Dr. Kenneth Wee / Chester Crozier Hospital|||1 Medical Center Blvd.|||||||||||||||||

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Dear Melissa1,
I have joined the facebook group but I have almost no experience with facebook. I have never gotten comfortable with social media, I guess because I haven’t lived in the States and just have not had the need for it.
So when you say there is a lot of information, I am just learning to navigate the posts and how facebook works in general. I don’t see any tab that offers doctors names.
Thank you for copying it for me. I’ll start calling on Monday.

Click on the tab that says “Files”. It is the 2nd document listed. The title is, " 8-10-23 Team Daniel Clozapine Providers.xlsx" When you click on that it will bring up a document with providers across the United States that are known prescribe clozapine.

Best of luck. None of this is easy, but this group is amazing. They are supportive and the group has people that are very knowledgeable.

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I appreciate your help

I’m happy to do it. It’s so hard trying to figure out what to do and how to help our loved ones.

I am attaching 2 pdfs that I found online from Dr. Laitman. I am going to show the psych nurse practitioner who sees my loved one when we meet later today as my loved one is considering Clozapine. We would like a slow titration as that seems to prevent some of the concerning side effects.
Laitman-Clozapine Table1 Initiation & Table 2 Maintenance Summary.pdf (264.7 KB)
Laitman Clozapine side effects .pdf (126.6 KB)

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Another resource could be Bethany Yeiser.

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I’d love to know what the nurse practioner has to say. I think this is a fairly new protocol and not widely used.
There is a facebook group, “Team Daniel and the Clozapine Community”, of caregivers that are using it.
It surprises me a little that no one in this group seems to know about it.
Maybe because Clozapine is not widely used.

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YES!! This is great information!!!